Famous Afghan artist Troy: I asked my fiancé to kill me!

September 12, 2021 by archyde

“Kill me with a bullet to the head.. I fear them more than death.” With these words I remembered Ariana happyThe well-known Afghan artist, the difficult hours she lived on the night of the fall of the capital, Kabul, to the Taliban movement.

After she settled in Istanbul, Saeed revealed that “dark” night and the details of what she had experienced since the news of the movement’s incursion spread. in cable And even arriving at the airport.

Saeed explained that she was initially optimistic about her country’s future, and decided to invest there, as she established her own fashion brand in the capital at a time when foreign forces were leaving the country, and completed this step despite knowing that she was taking a great risk.

However, the joy was not complete. On the fifteenth of August, the flight of fleeing, full of mines, began, as the Taliban reached Kabul, and the US forces began making preparations for their withdrawal.

A long time threat

The Afghan pop star recounted that she had recently been under heavy guard in cable Because of her activities, she did not like some opinions that threatened her for a long time.

Saeed, who heads the jury of the talent show “The Afghan Star” on the Tolo News channel, which is also targeted by the Taliban, can no longer move freely in Kabul.

escape day

On the day of the escape, the 36-year-old turned to relatives before making a second attempt the next day, as Taliban gunmen stood at each checkpoint armed with Kalashnikovs in the vicinity of the airport, and it became difficult for the remaining foreign forces to contain the surging crowds.

Ariana Saeed then got into a car after she wore a black mask and put on false glasses and took one of her business manager’s cousins ​​with her to make them appear like a normal family, while her fiancé and business manager Haseeb Sayed got into another car, and the two started communicating via a walkie-talkie.

Ariana Saeed from the airport

Then she said to her fiancé, “If they are about to catch me, please kill me with a bullet to the head. And don’t let them catch me alive, for that is what I fear more than death.”

When they reached the outskirts of the airport, Haseeb made his way through a large crowd. While the soldiers initially refused to let them pass, giving priority to American subjects, one of the translators recognized Haseeb and told them that he was the partner of the most famous Afghan singer and her life was really in danger.

Thanks to the translator

Thanks to this translator, the two partners were transferred to Qatar, then Kuwait and the United States, before settling in Istanbul.

Famous Afghan artist Troy: I asked my fiancé to kill me!

Taliban elements

In addition, the artist called on foreign governments to realize that the Taliban movement today is the same one that was ousted from power by the West in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks two decades ago, saying: “I hope the world will realize that there is no new version of the movement.”

It is worth noting that Ariana Saeed, the most famous singer in Afghanistan with 1.4 million subscribers on Instagram and similar in appearance to reality TV star Kim Kardashian, has long provoked the ire of clerics and conservatives in her country with songs defending women’s rights and denouncing violence. who are subjected to it.

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