Family Weekend: Eric Judor back for a season 2 full of guests [trailer]

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Family Weekend: Eric Judor is back for a season 2 full of guests [trailer]

The series returns on April 5 on Disney Plus.

Eric Judor is not done playing papa poule. The actor will soon be back with a new season of Week-end Family, the first French production of Disney Plus which was launched with success in February 2022. Fred's children have grown up, and so have their problems. Between the eldest who wants to go to Morocco to do humanitarian work and the youngest who is entering adolescence, he will have a job!

Many guests are announced in this season 2 of Week-end Family, including José Garcia, whom we sees in the trailer, Youssef Hajdi (La Flamme), Aliocha Delmotte (En Thérapie) or Lison Daniel (Jeune et Golri). And a flashback promises to show us how Fred met his exes. Julien Guetta (Roulez Jeunesse) and Hafid F. Benamar, Eric Judor's faithful partner, have produced this new delivery of 8 episodes which will be on Disney Plus from April 5th. Trailer: