Family, Fabio Quartararo's method of escaping pressure

Family, Fabio Quartararo's method of escaping pressure

Between his bad results and his victory in Montmeló, the Frenchman returned a few days to his home in Nice from Andorra, where he resides

Family, Fabio Quartararo's method of escaping pressure

It was after the second race in Austria, where he made another mistake and almost ended up on the floor, when Fabio Quartararo knew that he needed to return, as so many times to return, there where those who never speak of victories, tires and, for Of course, those who never tell him that he is the new Marc Márquez. At the beginning of September, for the first time since the MotoGP World Championship began, Quartararo left his home in Andorra, where he usually trains motocross with riders like Jack Miller and enjoys trail running with friends like Dani Sordo , he flew to his native Nice and was a few days with his family and friends. As he admitted yesterday, it was therapeutic.

Those two victories of his in Jerez that opened the championship were magnificent, but they brought him back under the spotlight that had already blinded him some time ago. Like when he arrived at Moto3 at 15 years old, pointed out by everyone as a future champion, he was again the protagonist and, as then, that pressure was unbalancing him. He needed to go back to the origins. And it worked. Two months after his last victory, Quartararo won again, this time in Montmeló, and was once again the favorite for the title. While other contenders such as Andrea Dovizioso or Maverick Viñales remain in doubt -one fell and the other finished ninth-, the Frenchman seems back, more mature, more prepared for a season finale that promises uncertainties. His success, in fact, was unrelated: he overtook Franco Morbidelli and Valentino Rossi in the first laps, he ran away and the Suzuki of Joan Mir and Álex Rins could no longer catch up with him. Before getting on the podium, of course, he thanked those who helped him get out of the pit.

“I have suffered a lot in the last month, it has not been easy for me on a mental level and I want to thank my family for their help to come back here,” acknowledged the emotional, clear Frenchman. In fact, Quartararo is one of the few pilots who recognizes when he has a bad time, who admits that he regularly visits a psychologist and that he highlights his own mistakes. Yesterday they asked him about the words of Marc Márquez , who had assured that he expected much more from him, and he limited himself to saying yes, that Márquez was right, that even he himself expected more from him. In his years full of troubles in Moto3 and Moto2, the Frenchman learned to distinguish his bad moments and now he only has to manage them to reach the sky.

Again all the signs point to him as a champion and it only remains to know how he will accept this situation. The next race, at Le Mans, and with the public, will be a good scale to check. If it fails, surprisingly, there is only one alternative: Joan Mir. While the rest of the hopefuls tremble, the young driver is the only one who maintains his consistency – four podiums in the last five races – and has a convincing argument in favor. His Suzuki, according to Quartararo “the best motorcycle in the championship”, takes care of the new Michelin tires like no other machine and in the next tests, which will be held between France, Spain and Portugal in cold and rainy conditions, that will be an essential factor. Mir could be a serious World Cup candidate if Quartararo fails again. Although if that happens you already know who to visit: the family is therapeutic.

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