Falling leaves in Ukrainians may have a deficiency of paliva

Falling leaves in Ukrainians may have a deficiency of paliva

Through an external embargo on Russian energy, Ukraine may again face a shortage of gasoline and diesel.

Leaf fall in Ukrainians may have a shortage of paliva

Early at the fall of 2022, the fate of Ukraine may reveal a new whiff of a deficit of paliva, says the director of the consulting group “A-95” Sergiy Kuyun at the commentary for the “Telegraph” . Through problems with scorching through a hypothetical lack of gas, many Ukrainians before the arrival of winter think about alternative options for scorching. As a minimum, those Ukrainians who live in the private sector, wondering about this problem, plan to buy gasoline and diesel generators. The year of operation of the generator costs 200 to 350 grams of fuel.

The generator has been working without interruption for 20 years in mining, for 100 days it is necessary to produce 400 to 700 liters of fuel. In this rank, the cost of spending money for the generator becomes close to 20-35 thousand hryvnias. Vrakhovuyuchi podvishcheny will drink on fire for generators before the leaf fall, the waters of the varto should immediately think about those who need to refuel the sprat of “zayvih” canisters with fire.

naphtha in leaf fall, surprises are possible. Nobody knows what will happen,” Sergiy Kuyun said.