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FAE : a citizen initiative at the

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A human chain was organized Thursday morning in Granby.


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A citizen initiative is at the origin of a human chain in support of the members of the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE ) which was organized in downtown Granby Thursday morning.

Hundreds of union members and citizens took part the day after the government's offers were rejected.

Roxann Dalpé-Morin, an architect, is the instigator of the human chain. I do it mainly for the children, because it is their learning conditions that are required in relation to the working conditions of the teachers, she said.

I also do it a lot for my little sister who is a teacher, for my uncle, for my aunt, for my cousins, my friends who are in the teaching field and who need to be lifted up. on Christmas Eve.

A quote from Roxann Dalpé-Morin, instigator of the human chain

His sister Annabel Dalpé-Morin, who was at his side, was touched by the initiative. It touches me so much that my sister organized all of this, but also to see all the people who are here and who support us. We've been fighting for our conditions for four weeks, and now, finally, we see that we are not alone in this, we have all the support of the people, she emphasizes.

Remember that FAE members have been on an indefinite general strike since November 23.

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Roxann Dalpé-Morin's uncle, Simon Dalpé, was also there Thursday morning . I am disappointed with the government's offers. We hope that he will understand that it is in the interest of the population and children in general that he can respond to our demands. We don't ask for the moon; we just ask to be recognized for our true value, and we do that for the good of the children. We are really happy that people are with us, he stressed.

The channel was to continue until 9:30 a.m. A march was to take place simultaneously in Cowansville.

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Members of the FAE blocked access to the ports of Montreal and Quebec

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