Fact check: fake news under the logos of BBC, CNN, DW and others

Fact check: fake news under the logos of BBC, CNN, DW and others

Russian propaganda has become one of the main elements of the war in Ukraine. In some ways, they are camouflaged in a way that looks like the materials of foreign ZMI, such as the BBC, CNN or DW. Who is behind the counterfeiting?

“This is similar to DW”, – having commented on the Japanese koristuvach Twitter fake video nibito from DW about the Ukrainian life, a kind of blackmailing a woman. The video report, expanded in the Japanese segment of Twitter, has serious calls to the address of the Ukrainian, which is represented by “Petro Savchenko”. Koristuvach Twitter continuing the comment: “I want to play the original video. Please suggest the URL of the original video”. Mіzh yogo rowkіv zchituyutsya sumnіvi – completely true. That original video is not known, so the material about the life-villain is a fake. More about tse zgodom.

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Tsey butt – not a lonely bastard. As soon as Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th of the fierce, fakes, falsehoods and manipulations are spreading around the world today. A special role is played by multimedia fakes: videos, photographs and screenshots of some international movables, such as CNN, BBC or DW, as if they were really manipulating or navit with new insight. Acts from such publications become, speaking in media slang, “viral”, deafening the audience of hundreds of thousands. The meta of such fakes – expansion of propaganda and, more importantly, pro-Russian, anti-Ukrainian or anti-western narratives, as if it were possible to put some doubts on how to hang under the influence of the media and at the same time to bring it to the authoritative foreign ZMI.

D&DW; #8221; about the Ukrainian refugee

Also, now more about the fake video of the “Ukrainian refugee” nibito “like DW”, which has consumed the Japanese segment of Twitter.

Bizhentsa sound “Petro Savchenko”, and nibito blackmailed dozens of nіmken. Movlyav, following the sound of the bars at the wines, threatening the public “pornographic signs”, captured by the attached camera. It is also confirmed in the video that the police will carry out investigations into Savchenko, which threatens to anger him.

Factcheck: Fake news with BBC, CNN, DW and other logos

Fake video with fake story circulating among Japanese journalists on Twitter

The video, which has been viewed more than a thousand times, at first glance looks like a correct DW video. That report analysis, however, demonstrates some inconsistencies: the spelling typeface is not one hundred times the same as the DW typeface, which is easy to recognize, for example, for the letter X. In addition, there are specks in the kіntsi rechennya, which is not practiced on DW. Even more suspicions may appear, as if to search for information about “Petro Savchenko” at shove machines. Nowhere in ZMI, neither in German, nor in English, nor in Ukrainian, was there any mention of the type of mass blackmail. If so, they would be so small in the world, about them bi, nayimovіrnіshe, podomili іnshі. In addition, this video does not have the same information about those who have been swindled.

A further analysis leads to even more supernatural things: a search for a photograph of an immovable villain leads to the Russian site TopDB.ru, which, for obvious tributes, lay Pavel Cross. Vіn comes from Sevastopol, and, judging by the other profiles in socialist milieus, he does not live in Nіmechchina. All sounds in the video are unprimed and, imovirno, navmisne are served rosemary & # 8211; this tactic has already been countered before the authors of fake news, to make it easier to re-verify the facts.

Fake video of the missile attack on Kramatorsk “viewed by the BBC”

Another video, now seen as a product of the BBC, caught up with a significantly larger audience, lower fake under the type of video from DW. After the Russian rocket fired at the Kramatorsk railway station, having taken a lot of lives, the video was widened in a big way, as they caught a glance at the millions of koristuvachs. The expansion of the soundness of the pro-Russian public records. A new corpse was depicted in Kramatorsk, and a rocket fell nearby. The text was stverdzhuvalos that її let out the Ukrainian military on the power of the people.

Fact Check: Fake news with BBC, CNN, DW and other logos

The missile attack on Kramatorsk was accompanied by an information attack

The BBC responded negatively to the demands and called the video “fake”. BBC producer Joe Inwood, who reviewed the rocket attack on Kramatorsk for the BBC, confirmed that the video with the BBC logo was fake. Vіn having expressed concern that such a temper might not stop. Video marked “fake” by documenting the Twitter feed of the Belarusian opposition project NEXTA.

The video, which at first glance seemed to be right, was swept up in the media: the fact-checkers of the German media company BR knew that it was written in new German, English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Hindu and French. To this, the cyber expert Sandro Gayken at the BR rozmovi called it & # 8220; a coordinated, but also a quick operation & # 8221; from disinformation. Roman Osadchuk, an expert on digital expertise of robots with the opinions of the Atlantic Council analytical center, in an interview with DW, gave a specific assessment: “ how absurd the Ukrainians are to bomb their people, which is absurd”. Krіm video, in other words, it was also expanded numerically on this topic in Telegram messengers and on other platforms.

Additional captions in social media “via CNN”

If social media Twitter expands the captions of, perhaps, found in the world of the new CNN TV channel, then it’s better to show it: it’s more serious, you can trust it. And yet, not everything here, which at first glance looks right, so: with the cob of war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, a sprinkling of fake & # 8220; tweets & # 8221; that fake CNN cover story that made the Atlanta TV channel squeal. For example, nibito CNN Twitter profile under the name “@CNNUKR” having talked about butimto pershu death of an American in the war in Ukraine. That yak showed our verification of facts, ce fake. There are also a lot of fake news on Twitter about the bombing of a hotel in Ukraine.

 Fact check: fake news under the logos of BBC, CNN, DW and others

Fake append “vіd CNN” about “the first American victim of the war in Ukraine”

So fakes are spreading through nibit screen copies taken from “live broadcasts” CNN. In one of the appendices, it was stated that CNN had been pardoned for the actual frame of the 2015 rock. Fact-checking by the AFP agency also revealed a falsehood.

According to the BBC special through an atomic strike

This kind of fake news is not new. The remaining fates of s’ were few similar fakes attributed to authoritative ZMI. For example, the host of the studio, similar to BBC News, talking about the new military incident between Russia and NATO and the nuclear bombing in Brussels. The video is a total insinuation, and it was not the BBC that let it out, specifying the movnik himself, but still it continues to circulate among the border, support Reuters.

Who is behind these disinformation attacks?

Follow the path that leads to the right authors of fake videos, photos and tweets, you can always check. However, experts know about those who are following Russia. Josephine Lukito, a professor at the School of Journalism and Media at the University of Texas at Austin, is aware that professional structures are behind the production of fakes. Significant part of the pro-Russian disinformation can be attributed to the authorship of the Internet Research Agency (IRA) – Russian “troll factory”, as of 2012. The IRA became home through trying to join the US presidential election campaign in 2016. Since 2014, numerous rumors about Ukraine have been expanding to rock, as if attributed to the IRA.

“ s_yati nedovіru to ЗМІ”, – said Lukito. In case of trust to the benefit of mass information, it is also possible to be exploited for the purposes of power. It is worthwhile a new phenomenon in the field of disinformation, if no serious news is published “under a false ensign”.

Kerіvnik vіddіlu cybersecurity DW Ingо Mannteuffel vociferously: “The power or else’yazani with the power of the sub’actually often stand behind this foldable misinformation”. If you talk about a fake video with the DW logo, then some of the creators tried to fake the corporate design of DW, so they & #8220; This form of disinformation is called spoofing if digitally identifiable information is added to win trust.

How do video details work?

As a rule, media fakes are based on a copy of the design of a fake video. Such a visnovka is also used by the followers of the Atlantic Council analytical center.

Behind the words of Eto Buzashvili, the center's accomplice, we fake the BBC logo, the captions and the BBC style were copied to make the fake video look right. “They copied everything that characterizes the BBC video, and then created a fake video. Bulo vikoristano the entire BBC template”, – like out. It’s not too difficult to create such a story, but it requires knowledge of the basics of video editing and other programs, the expert explains.

How many fake news can you reach?

, especially in what is happening in Ukraine, it is important to remember that Scott Radnitz of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Excellence and the University of Washington in Seattle. “Through the fact that more people already have a firmly formed idea about war in Ukraine, the stench often settles down to the news, like raising the point of the dawn, and instinctively see those who superechit”, – explain wine. Therefore, the number of actions in the midst of the “іnformatsiynoїї war”, in the words of an expert, is directed more to those who are sympathetic to such novelties. For a singing sensation, even if it’s a joy to a friend from DW, it’s & #8220;honor”, if new channels, like BBC, CNN or DW, become objects of attacks, even if it’s worth noting: relevant jerela.