Facebook partially ditched the recommendation feed

Facebook partially ditched the recommendation feed

Facebook partially removed recommender feed

Meta has unveiled a new timeline for Facebook that disables recommendation algorithms.

Facebook has partially abandoned the recommendation feed

Announcing the Home and Feed tabs. Data: Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

The new Feed tab displays posts from friends, groups, and pages that the user follows.

Meta has also updated the Home section, which is still generated by recommendation algorithms. Users will be able to see content, including from people and public groups they don't follow.

Tabs will appear in the Facebook Android and iOS apps within a week. The Home section will open by default, but the user can pin Feeds to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Facebook has partially retired the recommender feed

Home and Feed tabs in the Facebook iOS app. Data: Meta.

The tech giant has previously attempted to retain visitors to the social network using a chronological method of displaying content. In March 2021, Facebook gave users quick access to the “Most Recent” setting for the news feed.

Recall that in October 2021, a former employee of the social network Francis Haugen accused the company of deliberately using algorithms to incite hatred for the sake of profit.< /p>

In the same month, Facebook agreed to allow regulators access to content ranking tools to prove they are harmless.

In July 2022, the European Parliament passed a law requiring social networks to ensure the transparency of recommendation algorithms.