Facebook created AR glasses with super-capable perception: video

Facebook created AR glasses with super-capable perception: video

A smart headset from Facebook will amplify the sound in such a way as to hear only your interlocutor, filtering out extraneous noises

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Facebook created AR glasses with super-capable perception: video

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In the bowels of Facebook's research labs, researchers conducted an experiment that showed how important sound plays in augmented reality. Chief Scientist Michael Abrash and his team at FRL Research (formerly Facebook Reality Labs) have released details on how their new AR headset will work.

The team calls the capabilities of the gadget that he gives to the person “superpowers of perception.” Built-in AR systems detect what the wearer is trying to hear, then amplify it and suppress background noise. Combined with spatial audio features, the device creates the sonic equivalent of a hologram overlay wearing glasses.

Thanks to this device, the user will better hear the interlocutor during a conversation in a crowded place, where there is strong noise pollution that interferes with the conversation. To implement the technology, several microphones were placed on the device, which are used to capture the sounds surrounding the user. The headset monitors the user's head and eye movements and uses the collected data to determine which sounds they want to hear and which ones should be filtered.

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Although the development of an AR headset is not focused on creating a device for the hearing impaired, the device may prove useful for people who do not want to use a hearing aid in their daily life.

Facebook created AR glasses with super-capable perception: video

AR headset from Facebook in action

The developers also talked about the “Audio Presence” technology, with the help of which the headset is able to recreate virtual sounds that do not differ from real ones in terms of perception. This makes the sounds made by the headset realistic, and it seems to the user that he actually hears what is happening around, and not what the device gives out.

Facebook created AR glasses with super-capable perception: video

Cutaway sound enhancement technology

It is expected that the final headset will be able to alter the volume of the sound in each ear, as well as create a bouncing effect from the walls. In addition, the researchers hope to create technology that will change sounds depending on the shape of the user's ears. All of these technologies should appear in a future AR headset from Facebook, but when exactly the company might introduce it is still unknown.

Recall that earlier Facebook was going to destroy Android with its own operating system. In the meantime, Facebook will force everyone to a new design in September.

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