Facebook and Instagram launch online shops for business

Facebook и Instagram запускают онлайн-магазины для бизнеса

Photo: about.fb.com

Company Facebook launches online stores for business in the network Facebook, and also Instagram.

It will be called Facebook Shops, soobschaetsa the official blog Facebook.

As noted, through the service company can set up an online storefront with their goods, which will be available in both Facebook and Instagram. This is a free option.

To create such a store, the business will need to choose products from their range (adding them manually or podgruzit XML file), then customize the appearance of the online store (to choose the color and cover photo).

This means that regardless of size or budget, every company can move their business online”, — otmechayut in the company.

CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg said that the expansion of electronic Commerce will be important to begin the economic recovery is continuing pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.

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