Expressed hypothesis of the origin of “the Black Prince” in space

In outer space have repeatedly noticed a strange object hovering in earth orbit. Later the UFO was nicknamed “the Black Prince”, but the nature of its origin is still unknown.

Высказаны гипотезы происхождения «Черного принца» в космосе

For the first time humanity became acquainted with the photo of the “Black Prince” more than two decades ago, when it was captured by representatives of NASA, but for certain objects in extraterrestrial space people are seen in the 50-ies. According to some enthusiasts, hovering in the airspace of the device resembles a ship of some “cosmic neighborhood”, others have suggested that it is a regular satellite, which monitors the events on the Ground. Ultimately a UFO called “the Black Prince”, with hitherto unknown origin. Ufologists believe that it really is designed to establish contact with earthlings probe aliens. From a scientific point of view, the “Black Prince” is a substance that is used by astronauts for spacewalk.

Another hypothesis is that the object is a fragment of a separate machine, following more than five decades ago, the situation in the Soviet Union. The operation took place successfully, but at one point had a hitch and a capsule with important data and are unable to reach the planet’s surface.

Previously, the ISS camera captured footage that ufologists describe as rapid evacuation of the aliens from Earth. In the video you can see flying past the station luminous objects, called seekers humanoid ships for the aliens.

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