Export of barley from Russia has grown by one and a half times since the beginning of the agricultural year

Export of barley from Russia has grown by one and a half times since the beginning of the agricultural year

Export of barley from Russia has grown by half since the beginning of the agricultural year

Russia since July 1 this year (the beginning of a new agricultural year) has sharply increased the export of barley. High demand for it will strengthen both domestic and export prices, says Elena Tyurina, director of the analytical department of the Russian Grain Union. “From July 1 to September 15, barley exports increased by 50%, to more than 1.5 million tons,” Tyurina told Interfax.

“The growth in exports is associated with an increase in demand for Russian barley against the background of a decrease in the export potential of the EU countries. Those countries that bought barley from France and Germany understand that their supply will decline and switch to Russian barley,” she said. noting that supplies from the EU will decrease by more than 2 million tons.

According to Tyurina, since the beginning of the agricultural year, Saudi Arabia has retained the leadership in purchasing Russian barley. It has already imported 817 thousand tons of it against 516 thousand tons a year earlier (an increase of 58%). Saudi Arabia accounts for 54% of the volume of exports of this type of grain from Russia. Exports to Jordan grew 2.5 times – up to 178 thousand tons from 72 thousand tons in the same period last year.

“At the beginning of the season, supplies of barley went to Kuwait, although last year there were no supplies to this country during this period. Also in Morocco and the UAE. And this season, 25 thousand tons have already been exported to Morocco, 22 to the UAE. thousand tons, “Tyurina said. In addition, supplies to Turkey increased by 40% to 13 thousand tons, purchases from Bangladesh and Egypt are intensifying.

“This is a signal for exporters – the global market demand for Russian barley will grow,” she said. “It will also strengthen both domestic and export prices.”

According to her, if by the middle of the harvesting campaign prices for barley in the Russian Federation were declining, then from mid-August, after it became clear that the EU would not be able to ensure last year's level of supplies, their growth began. For the month it was 4%. Export prices are still stable at $ 183-184 per ton. But French barley has already risen in price by 6%. “Under the influence of rising prices in Europe, our prices will also rise,” she said.

According to Tyurina's forecast, the barley harvest in the Russian Federation this year will practically correspond to last year and will amount to 21.5-22 million tons. Exports in the current agricultural year may grow to 5 million tons from 4 million tons a year earlier.

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