Exploded halfway: Iran failed another missile test

Exploded halfway: Iran failed another missile test

Western sources told Iran International that Tehran failed to launch the Zuljan missile. She couldn't even get half way out of her orbit.

Exploded midway: Iran failed another missile test

This Wednesday morning, Iran International reported that an Iranian satellite's booster exploded after launch. And this is despite Tehran's announcement of its successful launch.

According to Western sources, the hybrid launch vehicle, tested a second time on June 26, failed to reach even half of the path allotted for its orbit.

The Sub-Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV) is currently on experimental stage and did not carry a single satellite during the launch, the source said, adding that the Islamic Republic is still trying to achieve a successful launch of the rocket before landing on the satellite.

Iran claims that the satellite carrier can launch satellites weighing up to 220 kg into an orbit 500 km above the Earth.

Launch of the three-phase Zuljan satellite ”, which has two solid propellant propulsion systems and one liquid propulsion stage, was produced during an experiment on a deserted launch pad of the Imam Khomeini Space Center southeast of drain from Samanan, where another failed attempt was made recently.

This is Iran's third SLV after Safir and Simorgh, the latter of which failed five times in a row. The fire at the Imam Khomeini spaceport in February 2019 also killed three investigators