Explained how women will be called up for service

Explained how women will be called up for service

We explained how women will be called up for service

In October, Ukrainian citizens from 18 to 60 years will have to become a mandatory military record.

According to Сxid.info, it will be determined which of the women will be called up for service, and who will be able to receive a deferment.

We are talking about those women whose specialties are approved by a special list of the Ministry of Defense. The priority of the draft will depend on what professions the army will need in each individual period. The General Staff must determine the mobilization tasks.

After the women provide the necessary documents – Each will have their own files. They will have to pass a medical examination, which will analyze whether they are fit or unfit for service.

The right to deferment is provided for in Article 23 of the Law “On mobilization training and mobilization.”

The following are not subject to mobilization in the Ukrainian army:

  • pregnant women who are on maternity leave to care for a child under the age of three;
  • women who are married and raising minor child/children, while the husband is also subject to mobilization. In this case, one of them will have the right to deferment from conscription;
  • deputies of the Verkhovna Rada;
  • other grounds for deferment (training, caring for sick relatives).

From October, women with the following list of documents will be expected at the military registration and enlistment offices at the place of registration:

  • passport/ID-card; application for registration;
  • identification number;
  • certificate of profession/specialty;
  • certificate of work indicating position; marriage certificate;
  • birth certificate of children/guardianship document;
  • photo 3×4.

In Ukraine, women serve exclusively voluntarily or under contract .

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich