Experts undertook to analyze Putin's mental health

Experts undertook to analyze Putin's mental health

Specialists undertook to analyze Putin's mental health

Megalomaniac Kremlin resident seeks to seize Ukrainian territory and calls himself a “collector of lands”.

As the psychologist Elena Shershneva said on her YouTube channel, after analyzing the data of the Polish journalist, lawyer Christina Kurchab-Redlich, who wrote the book “Vova, Volodya, Vladimir”, Putin was severely mocked. According to the book, Putin changed his own biography, hiding the fact of a difficult childhood and the cruelty of tyrant stepparents. It was extremely difficult for him in the new family, mostly – because of the aggression of the official father. In fact, this is what destroyed the psyche of the future leader of the orcs.

“Thus, we have at least two strong injuries – a change of families and physical abuse. Because of his childish egocentrism, Putin has become pathologically insecure,” Elena Shershneva noted.

The human psyche resorts to three ways of responding to physical violence: it capitulates to trauma, playing the role of a victim for the rest of its life; will try to escape from pain into various addictions (drug, alcohol); compensates for his trauma by bullying others, becoming even more of a tyrant against his offenders.

Due to his pathological insecurities that have developed over the years, Putin tries to prove himself worthy of attention. It was so gray that classmates and teachers of the institute hardly remember it. In his student years, he was teased, given various disparaging nicknames, such as “cigarette butt”, “pale moth”.

“Putin is constantly trying to prove to the world that he is worth attention and the right thing. But every time the world responds in the same way as at the institute,” Shershneva notes.

Against this background, the Russian president has a noticeable progression of megalomania and psychopathy, the psychologist is convinced.

Prepared: Nina Petrovich