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Experts told how you can charge your phone if you turn off the light

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

Fahivci told how you can charge your phone if you turn off the lights

When the lights go out during a blackout or we find ourselves far from regular power sources, our remaining phone charge suddenly becomes the most important thing in our lives.

If you have thought everything through in advance and have a battery, solar charger or power station charged and ready to go, you won't have a huge problem charging your phone.


But how do you charge your phone when there's no light and you don't have these things?

Charge in the car. The most obvious solution to the problem – this is your car Most modern cars already have built-in USB ports, and car batteries are a pretty important source of energy.

If you have gasoline in your car, you even have the least efficient and most complicated alternator in the world, and electric cars, of course, are basically giant batteries to charge your phone when there's no light.

If your car doesn't have a USB port, but you've thought about buying a starter kit in advance

Choose a hand-held charger Most of them also include a radio and a flashlight, as their main advantage is charging your phone and other small devices with some physical effort.

Some models are equipped with the possibility of charging from a solar battery or AAA type battery. You won't get your phone to 100% with one of these.

Charge every laptop in your house. If you run out of power, turn on your laptop but don't unlock the screen and use an iPhone or Android cable to charge your phone via USB ports. Most new laptops can charge your smartphone multiple times.

Buy an external charger to charge your phone, if you don't have one; most hardware stores have them. Portable chargers for phone batteries are getting better and cheaper.

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