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Experts told how to save your phone from hacking and data loss

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr21,2024

Experts told how to save your phone from hacking and data loss

Some functions that a smartphone offers you – are not always as useful and safe as they say, so it is important to know what is best not to turn on to prevent your phone from being hacked.

Our mobile phones store a huge amount of personal information, starting with from photos to banking data, so reliable phone cyber protection becomes an important part of personal security. Tengri Life offers a number of tips on how to protect your phone from hacker attacks.

iPhone users Connecting to Wi-Fi It is recommended to control the connection to public Wi-Fi networks. Fraudsters often use fake Wi-Fi hotspots under public networks, such as in cafes, which can lead to data theft. Experts advise to be careful when connecting to Wi-Fi networks, set the phone so that it forgets previously connected networks and asks for confirmation before a new connection.

Apple ID protection On iOS devices, one of the main means of protection is Apple ID . It is recommended to set an additional password on the account to prevent unauthorized access. It's also important to enable two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

Automatic updates and privacy reports To keep your device up-to-date and secure, it's recommended that you enable System Threat and System File Response on iOS. This will allow your device to automatically install security updates in the background. It's also a good idea to read privacy reports regularly to monitor the permissions granted to apps.

Android users Protection mechanism – second space Android-based smartphones have a second workspace protection mechanism. This allows you to create a separate desktop for storing sensitive data such as photos. It is important that only the owner of the device knows about the existence of this space.

Storing in a special folder and protecting it with a graphic password It is recommended to create a special folder and additionally protect it with a graphic password to save important data.

Also it is worth noting that Android allows installing applications not only from official stores, which makes this operating system more vulnerable. Therefore, experts advise to disable the ability to download third-party applications.

Autofill data = risk of hacking. The autofill feature in accounts can increase the risk of hacking your Android device. It is recommended to disable this feature for security reasons. In addition, in the settings for Google services, useful functions are available, such as scanning the smartphone for the presence of communication with unknown trackers, which allows the owner to notify about the danger.

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