Experts told how to identify a dangerous disease in a pet

Experts told how to identify a dangerous disease in a pet

Many people do not know how to determine the well-being of a pet. Often a situation occurs when a pet develops a dangerous disease, but it cannot be detected in a timely manner. The experts told how to act in such a situation.

Experts told how to identify a dangerous disease in a pet

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Animals cannot tell if they are sick. People themselves also cannot always see that they are sick. You can guess how cats and dogs are feeling by changing their behavior. It is important to know that sometimes creatures are infected with the same ailments as humans. The first disease on this list is otitis media. Most often dogs with long ears suffer from it. It can occur due to improper cleaning with cotton swabs, allergies, infection, or water getting into the ears. The symptoms of this disease are itching and irritation of the skin. After that, pain and inflammation appear, and pus begins to stand out, accompanied by an unpleasant odor. If treatment is not started, brain tissue is affected and the creature dies.

This is followed by conjunctivitis. It is most often seen in Persian cats and the French Bulldog. It manifests itself in the form of severe tearing, inflammation of the eyelids and discharge of pus. The causes can be very different – these are allergies, injuries, dirt, colds and bacteria. Every pet can be poisoned. The first signs are the lethargy of the animal. Those who have eaten unsuitable food are constantly tired. Other signs of poisoning include diarrhea, salivation, and shortness of breath. There are also dermatological problems in tetrapods. The most dangerous of these is ringworm, but there are many other diseases. Many dogs suffer from rashes, especially Ridgebacks, Giant Schnauzers, Boxers and Bulldogs. You can identify such ailments by the behavior of the pet. He begins to itch, he gets six and dandruff appears, and also the smell changes.

Puppies under the age of six months may suffer from parvovirus enteritis. This disease is very dangerous. If you do not urgently take action and do not show the dog to the veterinarian, it will die, since the virus develops in a few hours. At a later stage, it affects the gastrointestinal tract, which is manifested by traces of blood in the stool, as well as the heart. Animals can also get sick with cystitis. Due to bacteria, viruses, poor nutrition, and sometimes a lack of water, they disrupt the functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract. In this case, the creatures begin to drink a lot of fluids, and traces of blood appear in their urine. The behavior of some is apathetic, while others are too active.

Experts noted that the owner is not always able to recognize the symptoms, but they cannot be overlooked. In order to timely identify a dangerous ailment, you need to monitor the behavior of the pet. If he does not sleep, but also does not walk around the house, then something hurts him. Unhealthy animals change their appearance. Their fur stops shining and ruffles, molting begins. Skin tone may change. Even a pet's sleeping position can indicate a poor state of health. Usually they do not control themselves and lie as they can, but if something hurts them, then they are forced to accept a position that turns out to be less painful. The owner should be alert because of vomiting, diarrhea, or vice versa, lack of appetite. If this continues for two days, you need to see a specialist.

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