Experts predicted growth of millet in the graphics memory DRAM

Expected this year, the release of new gaming consoles and graphics card will influence the increase in demand for graphic DRAM. To this opinion came experts TrendForce.

Эксперты спрогнозировали рост проса на графическую память DRAM

In the third quarter of this year, well-known brands are Nvidia and AMD going to present new GPUs, after Sony and Microsoft will show the updated game consoles. The card to the other GPU and the console will get from the developers of GDDR6 memory high density, therefore is not excluded that the release of these products will lead to growth in demand for “graphics” DRAM, which will increase the cost of this type of memory in comparison with all the other types.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, as experts noted TrendForce, the price of DRAM will fall no earlier than July, compared with the current time. In the fourth quarter of separate chips can also be cheaper. A slightly different forecast was given by analysts for the second half of the parts either slightly rise or remain at current levels.

At this time, Samsung and Micron are made GDDR6, to be their partner in this production is SK Hynix, but by the end of 2020. Share this video card in the corresponding segment in the past year have not exceeded 40% for one contact in specific terms, the results of this figure can grow up to 70%, and next to 90%.

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