Experts have named the best cars for China: the rating by segments has been compiled

Experts have named the best cars for China: the rating by segments has been compiled

Porsche, GAC Honda and CHANGAN are named the best in their segments.

Experts named China's best cars: rating by segments stacked

J.D. Power China published the latest rating of car brands represented in China for superior design – J.D. Power 2022 China Initial Quality Study. Doslіdzhennya vrakhovuє kіlkіst skarg, scho naіyshli vіd vlasnikі v novih avtomobilіv іn the first six months of volodynnya. The leather brand was given a numerical indicator, which shows the number of problems per 100 cars. Chim Vіn lesser, Tim Vishcha Yakіst. Breakdown rating per category: premium and luxury brands, mass market and exclusive Chinese brandy.

As it stands, the number of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) will be 213 for the average, which is 2.8 more, lower for 2021. Basically, the problems with the same zoom in the design of cars – 143 PP100, 4.2 problems more, lower rock earlier. The well-named categories, which have become the best ones for rivers: information and entertainment system (-4.1 PP100 compared to 2021), water assistance (-2.2) and air conditioning afterward (-1.5).

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The most problematic category of 2022 rock was called the “starry look”, a part of which grew up to 15%. For 2021, the won was 13%. In numerical terms, the number of related problems increased by 2.7 РР100. The most scarg on the overworld noise is the lack of bright headlights.

The third river is the last stop at the first “troika” to enter an unacceptable smell in the cabin (9.4РР100) and the overworld road noise. So the water stings on the sensitive galma and the unhandled seats.

At the same time, the quality of luxury brands is getting better. The average number of problems is 192 PP100, 24 PP100 less, lower in 2021. The number of problems with the information and development system, equal to the past fate, has changed by 9 points, up to 25PP100.

Experts named China's best cars: ranking by segments

“Triyku »Porsche (163 PP100), Lexus (166 PP100) and Land Rover (179 PP100) were formed as the shortest luxury brands.

In the mass segment, the third river I will borrow the first GAC Honda – 193 PP100. Another place for Dongfeng Honda (205 PP100), a third for Buick (207 PP100).

We reduce the middle of Chinese marks by becoming CHANGAN – 209 PP100. In another place, Chery and GAC Trumpchi were distributed – 215 problems per 100 cars.

Experts have named the best cars for China: rating by segments has been compiled” />

Also, specific models are indicated in the reports, as the specialties of J.D. Power was brought to the lowest. The middle class has short names like Audi A4L and Audi Q3. Buick Verano Pro/Pro GS and Buick All New GL8 were among the middle cars of the golf class. In the mass segment – Honda Fit and Honda Vezel like GAC Honda. Among the representative models, the short names are Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class.

Experts named the most innovative cars for China: rating by segments

J.D. 2022 China Initial Quality Study models 56 brands in 70 great places in China. Їm was approved by the authorities for power, which are 218 symptoms of problems in nine categories: functions/control elements/displays, exterior, interior, information-development system, seat, auxiliary water, auxiliary power unit, power unit climate