Experts have made the TOP 5 underrated cars on the secondary market of Russia

Experts on the basis of the study made the TOP 5 underrated car, presented on a secondary market. Models sold are not the best way, despite the fact that have a relatively affordable price.

Эксперты составили ТОП-5 недооцененных авто на вторичном рынке России

Experts point out that the undervalued the car is not found except among crossovers. In first place among the unfairly upheld the demand was Ravon R2, R3, R4 from the manufacturer from Uzbekistan. The brand returned to Russia with the updated models in 2015, before selling cars under the brands Chevrolet and Daewoo. Even new copies at a modest price sold poorly, low volume of sales on the secondary market. And this despite the fact that you can buy a version with low mileage and even warranty for 300-400 thousand rubles. The Citroen C4 is also not able to boast of high demand. According to the portal “the wheel”, in recent years the country has significantly reduced the credibility of the products of PSA, but it is unclear what exactly caused it. The model has a good appearance, a decent “stuffing” and handling. Transmission presents manual gearbox or automatic transmission, interior is spacious. On the secondary Citroen C4 to buy with the mileage at the level of 50-80 thousand km for 350-450 thousand rubles.

The third position is Top for Peugeot 408, in his case the situation is similar to C4. The reputation of the model ruined the engine EP6, but in 2011 it was upgraded, the manufacturer has eliminated the main problems. It is best to choose the version with atmospheric engine 1.6 liters, combined with the “mechanics” or automatic transmission. Hyundai Elantra and Kia Cerato are about on par in the secondary market. The car has similar characteristics and is able without any problems to the owner to cover up to 250 thousand km. Among used instances the choice is great, over a three-year option will have to pay both for the new Kia Rio, but the equipment will be better.

Last in the TOP 5 was the Renault Fluence, which has good engines, strong body and a robust chassis. Sold model from 2010 to 2017, and in the secondary market it is better to look for a version without the CVT. The variant with a mileage of 50-100 miles can be bought for 350-450 thousand rubles.

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