Experts have made a rating of the best new games for Android

Experts have made a rating of the best new mobile games for devices based on Android. These applications was released in June and is already available in the vast Google Play.

Эксперты составили рейтинг лучших новых игр для Android

Dead Cells, is a project of the production Studio by playdigious, is known for a number of popular games. Users can have many levels where the hero overcomes various obstacles and battles with opponents. Although the mechanics of product is not unique, it is pleased with the performance. During the game you will have to pay, but in-app purchases in it. Endurance in gamers to delve into the past to explore the ship. Retro shooter will appreciate the additions and has a free version where annoying is perhaps that the is. Exos Heroes — the representative of the RPG. Users get access to the open world where you can study many things. The advantage remains, and a decent storyline.

“Cellular island” for those who are not going to get a significant meaning. Users will have to perform simple actions, there are more than 50 levels. Small Town Murders is a detective, where along the way solve puzzles on “three in a row” we need to uncover the secrets of a small town. The project is free and has many levels, but will sometimes be tempted to spend money on in-app purchases.

WarQuest is a text RPG, where users will have to answer for the actions of tokara. It’s a mercenary whose past is admirable. Suitable game for fans to read stories. Last rating listed Whipsey. The platforming reminds apps of the past, the character mainly running, jumping and overcomes other obstacles.

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