Experts have called the most simple method of disinfecting mask

Experts from the United States called the most simple method of disinfecting protective masks used in a pandemic coronavirus. The recommendations voiced by the CDC experts, reports MedicalXpress.

Эксперты назвали наиболее простой способ дезинфекции маски

The actual tips for reusable masks that needs regular washing. It is important to do this after each use. The most effective is called the soaking remedy in hot water with added detergents. Will fit in this case and ordinary soap. Represents the University of Alabama penny watts indicates that after the above-mentioned procedure should be well dried mask, possibly using for this purpose hot air.

To the next street access to store reusable remedies are preferable in a paper bag. This will prevent the risk of formation on the surface of the tissue germs or viruses. To perform the role of protection, said the CDC, capable even a piece of old clothing that you want to cover your mouth and nose. At the same time, experts urge not to buy mask non-N95, not to provoke their deficit among doctors.

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