Experts have calculated how much more expensive cars in Russia for April

The Agency Russian Automotive Market Research estimates for how many in Russia have risen cars for April. According to experts, the cost of cars without mileage rose by 2.9% comparing the same period of time last year, and is equal to 3,031 million rubles.

Специалисты подсчитали, на сколько подорожали автомобили в России за апрель

Most other more expensive cars from domestic automakers, namely 7.8%. Thus, the average price on them in the past month reached 806 000. It is noteworthy that in late winter this figure was 796 700 rubles. With regard to models of international corporations, the mass segment rose in value by 0.9% and the 6.9% if compared with April 2019. In the first case, the price reached 1.9 million rubles, and the second 4.9 million rubles.

Earlier, on March 11, the world Health Organization officially declared the outbreak of coronavirus infection by the pandemic. Most countries are currently experiencing great economic crisis because of the quarantine. Most of all suffered such industries as tourism. The company go into losses, and therefore forced to raise the cost of their services and products.

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