Experts from the Mayo clinic: Spots on the skin can indicate cancer of the blood

Experts from the Mayo clinic warned that spots on the skin may signal a blood cancer. In connection with what experts suggest as soon as possible to go to the doctor when the symptom of.

Эксперты из клиники Майо: Пятна на коже могут сигнализировать о раке крови

Leukemia is a cancer primarily occurs in the bone marrow as a result of mutations in blood stem cell. The consequence is the loss of the descendants of the mutated cells ability to differentiate to Mature blood cells. The danger of the disease is that the symptoms are not specific, often among the signs unexplained weight loss, fever and chills. The experts considered it important to warn you that spots on the skin can indicate cancer of the blood that allows an early identification is a deadly health hazard. Among the other important symptoms of blood cancer: swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleen, frequent nosebleeds, excessive sweating, especially at night, bone pain, constant fatigue, recurrent infections.

With regard to treatment, the experts from Mayo clinic said: chemotherapy is the main form of treatment. Biological therapy works by using methods that help the immune system to recognize cancer cells and attack them. Among the methods of struggle with a deadly disease and radiation therapy, which destroys leukemia cells and stop their growth. Among the solutions and stem cell transplantation is bone marrow transplantation. The essence of the procedure is that the blood stream is filled with healthy blood cells, which often helps to restore normal functioning of the hematopoietic system.

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