Experts debunked the myths about salt

In society it is widely believed that the consumption of salt negatively affects the health. The experts said, is it really.

Эксперты развенчали мифы о поваренной соли

“White poison” − so called by the people of salt, believing that its use causes a number of diseases. However, the end effect always depends on the number of eaten product, but to completely eliminate it from my diet definitely not. If you do not observe the dosage, as with any substance, salt can be deadly for the body. It is believed that it is the norm for the average person is 5 grams per day. If you adhere to this recommendations negative consequences should arise. In addition, the salt takes part in cell metabolism, promotes the excretion of carbon dioxide, thins the blood and performs several other important functions.

It is impossible to tell which salt is healthier: iodized or plain. If a person lacks iodine, it is best to choose the first option, and in other cases the second. It is also worth remembering that the iodized salt has a limited shelf life, according to “Planet Today”.

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