Experts analyze the role of the Cuban dictatorship with its support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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The forum is organized by the Interamerican Institute for Democracy. The Castro regime leads in the region the support for the war launched by Vladimir Putin in his desire to take over Ukrainian territory

This Tuesday the Cuba forum will take placein the invasion of Russia to Ukraine, organized by the Inter-American Institute of Democracy and which will include the participation of prominent speakers such as Mariano Caucino, Orlando Gutiérrez, Juan Antonio Blanco, Ricardo Israel, Iliana Lavastida and Carlos Sánchez Berzaín, among others.

The activity takes place in the headquarters of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy, in the city of Miami in the United States, since 6:00 p.m.(local time, 23 GMT) and seeks to offer an overview of how the Castro dictatorship leads support in the region for the war started by Vladimir Putin.

The introduction will be in charge of Tomás Regalado and the moderator will be Francisco Endara.

The same day the war began. Cuba offered its support to Russia, pointing out that Moscow has the “right to defend itself” and NATO must meet their demand for “security guarantees”, in the midst of the conflict with Ukraine, during an official visit of the President of the Duma, Viacheslav Volodin, to Havana.

The island's dictator, Miguel Díaz-Canel, expressed “his solidarity with Russia, given the imposition of sanctions and the expansion of NATO towards its borders ”, reported the state television news, which broadcast images of the meeting at the Palace of the Revolution. At the meeting at the end of the day, the dictator thanked the support of the Duma (Russian lower house), before the “United States blockade of the island”.

Experts analyze what it is the role of the Cuban dictatorship with its support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Miguel Díaz-Canel with Vladimir Putin

The Cuban Foreign Ministry has repeatedly asked the United States and NATO to respond “seriously and realistically” to Russia's demands for security guarantees, considering that Moscow has the “right to defend itself.”

Cuban support for the bloody Kremlin invasion is leveraged by Moscow's interests in continuing to advocate for the end of the US “embargo” on Cuba, shortly after the respective resolution was approved at the UN.

“Russia's position on the resolution remains intact. Together with the friendly Cuban people and the overwhelming majority of the members of the international community, we will continue to fight for the rapid, complete and unconditional lifting of the blockade on the Island of Freedom,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

According to Moscow, Washington “unsuccessfully tries to give global scope to the so-called Monroe doctrine” and its “illegal unilateral sanctions.

and 2027.

The senators approved a series of amendments that modify the agreements for a state loan granted to the Caribbean nation in 2002 and three export credits for the financing of oil and derivatives 2017 and 2019, according to the Interfax agency.

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