Expert Yegor Vasiliev spoke about precautions when buying a used car

Expert Yegor Vasiliev spoke about precautions when buying a used car

Yegor Vasiliev called any purchase of a used car a “lottery”, even though most of them are currently listed in different databases. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to protect yourself as much as possible when concluding such a deal – for this, the automotive expert provided his recommendations.

Expert Yegor Vasiliev spoke about precautions when buying a used car

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First of all, Yegor Vasiliev divided the situation on buying a used car from an authorized dealer and from hands. Naturally, in the first case, it is more likely to receive a certain guarantee for the legal purity and technical condition of the purchased vehicle, but in no case can you take your word for it. In order not to fall for the bait of scammers, it is very important to check the car of interest on the traffic police web portal for the presence or absence of registered accidents, unpaid fines, prescribed restrictions. This recommendation also applies to the situation when buying a vehicle from an authorized dealer. On the other hand, it is better to buy a car from a person with whom the buyer is personally familiar or who was advised by reliable people. But it is even more reasonable – to resort to the services of an expert in the selection of a car. This will not hit your pocket hard, but it will help save your nervous system, and, most likely, it will save money.

“And of course, you should always read your car purchase agreement very carefully. This is especially important when the vehicle is purchased on credit. It is better not to have any business at all with unofficial dealerships selling used cars of various companies, ”Yegor Vasiliev warned in an interview with Prime agency journalists.

The specialist recommended that you certainly seek help on the Internet before going to a particular company to buy. On the Web, you can get acquainted with real reviews of a particular company and protect yourself from the possible repetition of other people's mistakes.

The expert also urged not to believe “fairy tales” from strangers, as if the vehicle had never been involved in an accident, it was allegedly used exclusively for trips to the country, but now the car is being sold, as treatment for a beloved pet is urgently required. “Any story with an emotional load is always a prelude to a big scam,” concluded Yegor Vasiliev.

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