Expensiveness presses: how prices for cereals, sugar and butter jumped in supermarkets

Expensiveness presses: how prices for cereals, sugar and butter jumped in supermarkets

We tell you how prices for groceries increased from May to mid-June, in particular for sunflower oil and cereals “The high cost is pressing: how prices for cereals, sugar and butter jumped in supermarkets” />

How groceries have risen in price in Ukraine/Photo: UNIAN, Collage: Today Prices for almost all products have increased in Ukraine . From time to time, there is a rush in stores for salt or sugar, and in some regions there is a shortage of early vegetables. What happens to groceries?

«Today» viewed the data on the specialized website «Ministry of Finance» and tell how sugar, buckwheat and vegetable oil have risen in price since May.

What is happening in supermarkets

According to monitoring data, the price of buckwheat has increased by more than 17 UAH since May. The average monthly price in May was UAH 72.53 per kilogram. As of June 12, it was already at the level of 89.90 UAH/kg.

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Slightly different situation with millet. The average price of the previous month per kilogram was UAH 26.80, for 900 g – UAH 26. By mid-June, the price per kilogram has changed to UAH 28.20,but for 900 g you will have to pay the same amount as in May.

For riceprices from May to mid-June have changed as follows:

  • long rice: UAH 53.55/kg – UAH 58.87/kg;
  • < li>rice round: 78.20 UAH/kg – 74.85 UAH/kg.

Paco feathersin May they cost UAH 24.70, already in June you have to pay UAH 25.80 per kilogram.

With sunflower oil, the situation is as follows:

  • sunflower oil «Oleina» refined 850 ml cost UAH 58.50 in May, UAH 62.30 in June;
  • sunflower oil «Generous Gift» refined 870 ml cost UAH 61.52 in May, and UAH 63.05 in June.

A kilogram of flourin May, the price was UAH 24.15, and in June – UAH 24.76 The price of sugar has also risen:

  • 1 kg of sugar in May cost UAH 27.05, in June the price rose to UAH 29.80;
  • 3 kg in May cost UAH 86.70, and in June – UAH 92.60.

In general, the situation is different in different stores and supermarkets, and the difference in prices can be several hryvnias.

Milk has also risen in price

Monitoring data show that the price of oil increased by 4 UAH. Approximately the same amount has risen in price and milk. The price of sour cream and sour-milk curd increased by 1 hryvnia.

As we said before, dairy producers do not raise prices, but consumers still have to pay more. This situation has developed due to logistics.

In most cases, it is no longer possible to deliver goods using the usual routes, and new roads take more time, resources and, accordingly, money, which is the same as displayed on the final price of the product.

In general, experts cite this as the main reason for the increase in prices for most products.