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Éenlargement of Pink and La Vérendrye : Quebec and Ottawa offer $35M each

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All levels of government were present for the joint funding announcement for Outaouais roads.


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The governments of Quebec and Canada both announced the allocation of $35 million to the City of Gatineau for, among other things, the widening of Pink Road as well as the widening and extension of the boulevard La Vérendrye Est.

The envelope, totaling $70.4 million, will also make it possible to carry out the required environmental studies for La Vérendrye Boulevard East and West. The announcement took place Monday morning at the Branchaud-Brière Center in the presence of a large number of municipal, provincial and federal elected officials.

This is an important moment for the region, which is experiencing a unique reality, said the federal Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, who recognized the border reality of the Outaouais.

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Federal Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez.

The minister Provincial Minister of Transport, Geneviève Guilbault, admitted that the four deputies of the Coalition Avenir Québec had all told her that this was the most important project.

They have been working on this project for a very, very long time, so we worked very hard with the federal government to improve the road network [in Gatineau]. We will finally be able to move forward with this project, launched the Deputy Prime Minister, who described the announcement as excellent news.

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The mayor of Gatineau, France Bélisle, was obviously delighted to this government assistance.

Our spine in the National Capital Region is failing. What you are announcing today is an improvement of the spine to allow us to achieve the objectives [in terms of] sustainable mobility, explained the mayor.

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The mayor of Gatineau, France Bélisle, took advantage of Monday morning's conference to invite elected officials to discuss the tram. (Archive photo)

The widening of Pink Road has been in the news several times in recent years. In 2016, the City announced its postponement to 2018, before returning the following year with an official request for funding from Quebec.

The tram issue was also discussed during the press conference on Monday morning. For several years, this project has aroused passions in Gatineau. Over the past year, the federal government has repeatedly said an announcement was imminent, but one was never made.

During her speech, the MP for Hull, Suzanne Tremblay, was the first to pronounce the word tramway. She briefly mentioned that discussions are continuing and that they are going well, but that elected officials are not ready for an announcement.

France Bélisle has also launched a fairly clear invitation to elected officials from the other two levels of government: If you want to canner < /em>a deal this afternoon, I will happily offer you a coffee.

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An illustration of the future Gatineau tramway passing in the Plateau sector. (Archive photo)

In response to questions from journalists, Pablo Rodriguez recalled the excellent collaboration between governments, but clarified that time announcements had not come.

Geneviève Guilbault added with a touch of humor: Things are progressing, we just need to crystallize this beautiful collaboration. As soon as we are ready, we will make an announcement. I sense Pablo [Rodriguez's] growing impatience, so maybe the coffee will seal it.

During the press conference, the federal member for Gatineau, the Liberal Steven MacKinnon, spoke instead of a sixth link. He is also considered the main promoter of the project within the federal government.

He reiterated his point: There is a missing section: a bridge to the east. Pablo [Rodriguez] and I take care of it. I am certain that the work will succeed in this matter.

With information from Patrick Foucault and Julie-Anne Lapointe< /em>

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