Ex-president of France could receive hundreds of thousands of euros for eulogies of Putin

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Former French President could get hundreds of thousands of euros for eulogizing Putin

Nicolas Sarkozy could receive 300,000 euros in the months before and after speaking at the foundation's New Year's Eve reception in 2018, where he spoke approvingly of Russia and the Kremlin dictator.

Médiapart said this based on bank documents received. Then Sarkozy said that “Russia has again become a major geopolitical player, this is its place, its historical role, its destiny.” and stated that “he has always been a friend of Putin” and that “you can talk to him even if there are differences in positions.”

In October 2018, Sarkozy received 200,000 euros in his account in France, and in February 2019, another 100,000. The money came from a little-known firm, RS Capital Limited. The journalists found out that the Russian Direct Investment Fund has a subsidiary with the same name, registered in the UAE.

Nicolas Sarkozy declined to comment on these transfers.

The press service of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Mé diapart stated that “there were no payments to Mr. Sarkozy in connection with his participation in RDIF events”, and they did not answer the question of whether the fund was behind these transfers for Sarkozy. 

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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