Ex Besan, Sunan Kalijaga Loves Taqy Malik’s Father’s Deviant Sexual Acts

September 12, 2021 by archyde

Jakarta, Insertlive

Sunan Kalijaga joined open voice against the case that befell his ex-boyfriend Mansyardin Malik.

According to Marlina Octora, she was married in series by Taqy Malik’s father and for two months with her was asked to have deviant sex.

Seeing the real evidence that exposed Marlina’s side, Sunan Kalijaga was shocked and disbelieved.

“Earlier I heard the story, I was concerned about the mother, however, I spoke about the capacity from a legal perspective where we suspect a criminal violation so that the legal team is reviewing it based on evidence,” said Sunan Kalijaga when met in Jakarta Sunday (12/02/2020). 9).

Salmafina’s father admitted that he was surprised because her ex-boyfriend he is known as a figure who is very understanding of religion.

“What I really care about is that so far I and people who know the father, are known as a pious and religious father, a person who has succeeded in educating his son,” he explained.

“It’s very surprising, it makes me feel like I can’t believe it, but we legal people see the facts,” added Sunan.

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