Evo Morales will create a coordinator in Buenos Aires to consolidate its operations in Latin America

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The former Bolivian president convened coca grower movements and other organizations from various countries for the opening of the regional instrument that will be launched this Sunday. It also intensifies its relations with President Luis Arce

Evo Morales will create a coordinator in Buenos Aires to consolidate its operations in Latin America

By < /p>Humberto Vacaflor GanamFrom La Paz, Bolivia

Evo Morales will create a coordinator in Buenos Aires to consolidate its operations in Latin America

Evo Morales

When Peru is experiencing a virtual civil war, for which the government of Lima blames the Bolivian coca grower and former president Evo Morales, he announces that on January 23 < b>will create a “coordinator” in Buenos Aires for its interests in the region.

Morales has not mentioned who will attend the meeting in the Argentine capital, but in La Paz, his collaborators assure that movements of coca growers from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia have been summoned, in addition to other organizations that do not want to mention from other countries.

The announcement was made by Morales as a sign that his relations with President Luis Arce are badly affected< /b>, since he was not invited to the celebrations of the coming to power of the Movement for Socialism (MAS), which will be on January 22.

He said that that day he will be in Buenos Aires, with his Peronist friends, and the next day he will have the pleasure of create the regional instrument that allows it to consolidate a greater scope for its operations and for the “plurinational peoples of Latin America”.

At the moment, the cocalero operates in the midst of the paralysis of the Bolivian formal economy, with the borders closed due to protests in Bolivia and Peru, protests that, however, do not harm drug trafficking, a business that uses a huge fleet of small planes.

Evo Morales will create a coordinator in Buenos Aires to consolidate its operations in Latin America

Luis Arce Catacora and Evo Morales, today estranged (Reuters)

The economic activities of Santa Cruz are halted by the protest of its inhabitants against the arrest of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, which affects the rest of the country due to the lack of food produced there.

When Morales was only a union leader for the Chapare coca growers, he used to stop the output of products from Santa Cruz by blocking the highway that runs through his area. Already in the presidency of the republic, he achieved the same thing more easily, legally prohibiting some exports from Santa Cruz.

This time, the Peruvian conflict affects the city of La Paz, and its satellite, El Alto, with strong commercial connections, now halted by the virtual closure of the border. It is estimated that every day the damage is equivalent to 5.8 million dollars.

Average paralyzed Bolivia and average paralyzed Peru, it is taken for granted that, on the other hand, sulfate of cocaine (“base paste”) produced in the Peruvian region of VRAEM continues to arrive in small planes at the cocaine hydrochloride factories in Bolivia, for immediate export even to overseas markets. Last Friday, the police captured a load of 700 kilos of cocaine in Chapare, very close to where Morales was staying.

The Bolivian Ministry of Defense acknowledged last November that the thirteen radars purchased in 2017 are unused until now because the Bolivian Air Force could not stop drug-trafficking planes that were sighted and that use more than a thousand clandestine airstrips.

In Peru, in turn, the Air Force received an order from President Castillo to stop bombing the clandestine runways used by drug traffickers, because the illegal coca plantations of the VRAEM were legalized by his government.

For obvious reasons, Morales says he has no contact with those who process coca or with those who transport and market it, but the six federations of Chapare coca growers that he personally controls are the ones that produce the raw material for this gigantic business.

For now, before announcing his trip to Buenos Aires, he took time to preside over a meeting of his party, which decided to replace the order by which all public employees of the central government (some 530,000) make a monthly contribution to MAS.

And it also provided that no MAS militant can be fired from the public administration, for no reason.

These orders may prevent Arce from reducing the payroll of public employees, an urgent need now that the fiscal deficit is equivalent to 8% of GDP, as in the last 9 consecutive years, which is observed by the IMF.

What Arce may have to do is modify the exchange rate, frozen since 2013, because it slows down exports and boosts imports, which would release inflation, which for the moment is repressed, according to the former president of the Central Bank, Juan Antonio Morales.

And it is likely that the price of fuels will have to increase, now that natural gas exports to Argentina have an expiration date, which is next year.

The current paralysis of the economy puts the president, who was economy minister when the measures that caused this crisis were taken, in figurines. because they stopped oil investments.

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