Evo Morales continues to meddle in Peru and calls for a constitutional change

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The former Bolivian president is considered “persona non grata” for his “public statements” against the Peruvian government and currently the Prosecutor's Office opened a preliminary investigation into his against for its possible link to the entry of weapons into the country

Evo Morales continues meddling in Peru and calls for a constitutional change

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales once again meddled in affairs outside his country to criticize the political crisis it is going through Peru.

Morales called for a constitutional change in the neighboring country, which is going through moments of deep political instability after the self-coup of former president Pedro Castillo who landed him in jail.

“With 6 presidents and 3 parliaments in 7 years, with more deaths than days of government in the last transitional regime, Peru, our sister country, suffers the effects of the loss of legitimacy and instability of an apparent State that excludes large majorities of the Deep Peru”, wrote Evo Morales through his Twitter account.

This is not the first time that Morales has expressed his opinion on the recent Peruvian crisis and even a ban on entering weighs on him to Peru.

 Evo Morales continues to meddle in Peru and calls for constitutional change

Evo Morales's tweet about the crisis in Peru

“When the people rise up and demand that their right to life, dignity and sovereignty be respected, governments subservient to the US and transnationals describe it as 'terrorist.' This is how they justify the repression and theft of natural resources. Stop the massacre of our brothers in Peru”, the former Bolivian president said beforehand.

But the situation does not end in simple criticism through social networks, rather, the Second Provincial Corporate Criminal Prosecutor's Office of Puno opened a preliminary investigation against Evo Morales, due to the entry of 'dum dum' bullets – ammunition that fragments upon impact and causes serious damage – into Peruvian territory, through the “Los Ponchos Rojos”, groups coordinated by Morales belonging to the Movement to Socialism (MAS) .

the complaints against former President Morales for his constant interference in the internal affairs of Peru.

During a press conference, Campero reported that the Bolivian Foreign Ministry never responded to his organization's request to know the income of the former president, as well as others involved in this interference, in Peru.

“We coordinate actions with Peruvian parliamentarians to have an answer, the same one that is being used for the complaints against Evo Morales and other members of his party Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), for this interference, in the Peru”, he indicated.

In this context, he assured that there are records of at least “eight militants and former MAS authorities who constantly entered” the country. He explained that according to a report by the National Intelligence Directorate (DINI), Morales's political operators attacked the Peruvian democratic system.

Likewise, the < b>Peruvian Congress declared as “persona non grata” Morales for his “public statements” against Peru. The Plenary approved this statute by majority with 74 votes in favor, 40 against and 4 abstentions.

Evo Morales continues meddling in Peru and calls for constitutional change

The Congress of Peru

“Declare Mr. Evo Morales Ayma persona non grata in the national territory, due to its constant incitements in national politics, the same ones that seek to unbalance the internal order of the country, especially the southern zone of Peru,” reads motion 5225, which was Presented by Congresswoman María del Carmen Alva, President of the Foreign Relations Committee.

It is also required that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior must be urged to submit this Motion for the Order of the Day to the Bolivian embassy in Peru for information and pertinent purposes.”

Alva recalled that the former Bolivian president had mentioned that “what Peru is experiencing is not a simple demand for the closure of Congress or new elections. That is an insurrection of the people against the colonial state”, and that therefore, “an insurrection is not resolved with a reform of the Constitution, but with the re-founding of Peru”.

During the debate, the former head of Parliament said that “the demonstrations (by Evo Morales) are a constant interference in the internal affairs of our country, and there is no doubt that he is not a friend of Peru.”

“We do not know how much income Mr. Morales has had in Peru, illegally or informally in Peru, but we had already made this complaint (of interference) in 2021. (…) these people participated in political meetings and, some of them, attacked and criticized in their speeches the customs, laws and economic, political and social model of Peru”, denounced.

Evo Morales continues meddling in Peru and calls for a constitutional change

Members of the leftist group "Ponchos Rojos" participate in a vigil in front of the Chonchocoro prison in support of the arrest of the opposition governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho

The participation of Morales in the Peruvian country began with the swearing in of Pedro Castillo as President of the Republic. At the ceremony held on July 28, 2021, the Bolivian was one of the privileged guests. The following month, he returned to Lima and was invited to provide more detail about his Runsur project with unions.

During his stay in Peru, MoralesHe did not hesitate to intervene in Peruvian politics and was openly in favor of left-wing initiatives such as the formation of a constituent assembly, eradicating “anti-imperialism”, nationalizing natural resources and promoting the application of coca crops. Given the constant intervention of the former head of state, at the end of November of the same year, the Congress declared him “persona non grata”; however, Evo Morales ignored this act and moved to the south of the country.

However, Morales insists to enter Peruvian territory, after the Government of Peru ordered to prevent his entry into the country when accused of promoting the installation of a Constituent Assembly and inciting protests in the southern regions. On January 15, Morales made public the habeas corpus document that the ex-lawyer of the dismissed Pedro Castillo presented to the National Superintendence of Migrations.

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