Everything you need to know about The Sandman

Everything you need to know about The Sandman

Today, August 5th, the new fantasy series The Sandman was released on Netflix. The tape is an adaptation of the hit comic book by Neil Gaiman. ProShoKino talks about the new show and the first reviews of The Sandman.

All you need to know about “Sandman”


Series “Sandman”: comic book and its history

Now “Sandman” associated only with Neil Gaiman, but the history of this hero goes back to the end of the 30s. A man named Wesley Dodds was in a suit, wearing a gas mask, and he also had a sleeping gas gun. This Sandman was an original member of the Justice League, but soon disappeared.

Further in 1974, comics Joe Simon and Jack Kirby slightly redesigned the sandman. Now he was wearing a yellow-and-red suit with a bag of sleeping dust. This hero had only six issues and he also disappeared. In the early 80s, the superhero Hector Hall (aka the Silver Scarab) took over the Sandman title. Neither version became popular, so DC management entrusted the revival of the Sandman to Neil Gaiman. And then there was a boom – insane popularity fell on this comic.

All you need to know about “Sandman”

Sandman comic book cover, 1974

Neil Gaiman's Sandman is Son (or Morpheus), of the Eternal family. He looks like a guy with very pale skin and black hair. He has many relatives – Death, Suffering, Passion, Madness, Fate and Sorrow. The story begins with the fact that Dream breaks out of captivity, in which he spent a long 75 years, he plans to regain control over the realm of dreams and his former power.

Neil Gaiman created a real saga about ancient entities, but they lead themselves as living people with their own characters and whims.

The torments of the film adaptation of The Sandman

Although the comic became insanely popular, it could not be filmed. In the 90s, Warner Bros. hired Roger Avery, but the project was not given a green light, the fans and Gaiman himself did not like the scripts.

Further, an attempt to film “Sandman” was in the 2010s. Screenwriter Jack Thorne (“His Dark Materials”), producer David S. Goyer (“Blade 2”) was attached to the project, and the main role was entrusted to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But even this attempt failed.

HBO wanted to film the comic, but that attempt also failed until Netflix bought the rights from Warner Bros. in 2019. for the film adaptation of “Sandman”. Produced by David S. Goyer, Allan Heinberg.

All you need to know about “The Sandman”


“Sandman” 2022: plot

The action takes place in our time. The plot of the first season is based on the first volumes of the comic series. Sleep (Morpheus) is released after being imprisoned in the occult and is going to regain power over his own kingdom.

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The cast of the series

The main role went to Tom Steridge (“Rock Waves”). Also in the tape played Gwendolyn Christie (“Game of Thrones”), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (“Silent Night”), Mason Alexander Park, Jenna Coleman (“Doctor Who” ), Stephen Fry (“Lie”), Boyd Holbrook (“Predator” “).

“Sandman”: reviews of the series

On Rotten Tomatoes, The Sandman has an average rating of 7.50/10 at the time of writing.

Series “Sandman” – a thrilling comic book adaptation. The project retained the strengths of the original source. Robert Brian Taylor, Collider.


A fascinating comic book adaptation that should please fans and newcomers alike. Rebecca Nicholson, Guardian.


Despite the complex mythology, the series finds a way to introduce each of the characters without confusing the viewer. Caroline Framke, Variety.

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