Everything ready today for the opening this Saturday of the Pimentel Baseball Classic 2022

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  • Everything ready today for the opening of the Pimentel Baseball Classic 2022 this Saturday

    Members of the Venezuelan team that will drive the baseball classic. at the Pimentel Baseball Classic 2022

With six countries and recognition of pitcher Framber Valdez, from the Houston Astros, it will be inaugurated today, starting at 10 in the morning, the  “Pimentel International  Classic 2022 and Internal Invitational Tournament on the occasion of the XXVII anniversary  from the Pimentel Baseball Academy.

The opening act will have The place was held at Cyns Fiel number one in the Pimentel Complex, located in the El Mamón en Guerra community, with the presence of the countries of Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Colombia and the hosts of the Dominican Republic.
like this what was reported by the young leader Cristian Pimentel, president of the organizing entity, who said that everything is fine. He is ready to open today the event that will bring together all the people. to talented prospects born  between the years  2023, 2024 and up to 2025.
So the tournament will serve as a I will give these children from other countries a platform to showcase their talents to representatives of the different organized baseball organizations in the United States.
“This event is intended for scouts from the 30 organizations&nbsp ; The Major League Baseball players can observe their talents with the possibility of being signed by said organizations,” he explained. So the joust is part of the celebration of the XXVII anniversary of our institution, for which we will also celebrate simultaneously the traditional Internal Invitational Tournament, which will bring together the competition. to children of the institution, as well as as well as from other leagues and academies.

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