“Everything I know about television I owe to ‘Save me'”

September 13, 2021 by archyde

“Everything I know about television I owe to ‘Save me'”

Ion Aramendi, presenter of ‘Better with you’, from TVE. / r. c.

Ion Aramendi / Presenter

In front of ‘Better with you’, the new ‘magazine’ of La 1, he assures that he does not feel like a “star” and admires Ana Rosa and Ferreras

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Monday, 13 September 2021, 00:33

Journalism crossed paths with Ion Aramendi (San Sebastián, 44 years old) while he was playing professional basketball. Now, the presenter continues to add projects on La 1 de Televisión Española and leads ‘Better with you’ (premiere, 12:30 pm), a new format that aims to convey the spirit of ‘late night’ at lunchtime and that it will continue to combine with the game show ‘El cazador’.

-Do you feel like the new star of Televisión Española?

-No never. I feel like a worker, I am the same person. I am super grateful for the opportunities they are giving me. I’m happy because being able to work in television is not easy and doing it leading your own projects is amazing. I don’t feel like a star at all, but I do feel very lucky and grateful to TVE.

-He’s going to combine ‘Better with you’ with ‘The hunter’. Do you have time to rest?

-Well, I’m going to have a little rest, really. Especially since September, I have little rest, because I was recording ‘El cazador’ in the afternoon. It was two programs a day. And now in the morning I have the direct of ‘Better with you’.

-With ‘The hunter’ your days are numbered?

-It is a time when you have to clench your teeth and work. I am happy to have two projects. I would like to always stay with ‘The Hunter’. He didn’t want to leave it. But this new ‘magazine’ excites me, and I love it, and fortunately TVE made the important effort so that I can combine the two jobs.

-He says in promotions that it will be a different program that has never been seen at that time. What do you mean?

-The program will have two parts. A first, which is going to be a ‘magazine’, something that has already been invented, but it is true that we are going to give it a treatment and a tone that is not going to be a pure and simple current affairs program. We are going to do entertainment and talk about other things that happen in our day to day, such as education, the environment or gastronomy.

-And the news?

-For the information there is already ‘La hora de La 1’ and the ‘Telediario’. And what is really new will be the second part of ‘Better with you’, after the territorial newscast. It will be a format very similar to a ‘late night’ that has never been tested at 2:15 p.m.

-Can you anticipate some of what will be seen?

-There will be interviews with powerful characters from social life, with a lot of humor, with little-seen comedians, where we will have a good time. This project has its risks because it has never been seen in that strip.

-He faces heavyweights in the competition, such as Ana Rosa Quintana (Telecinco) and Ferreras (LaSexta). Do you impose on it?

-You cannot be scared or imposed by anyone from the competition. You have to be proud and satisfied with the work you are doing from your program, because it can be combined with the offers of other chains.

The competition

-What do you think of your rivals?

-Ferreras is a great journalist, whom I respect and admire, and Ana Rosa is a media legend. So is Jorge Fernández, who has been playing ‘La rouleta de la luck’ for many years. They are people I admire, but I want to do something different on TVE that I hope has its place. We do not have great ambitions but we want to compete and be another offer so that the public can choose.

-Does public television pay attention to audiences?

-I am aware that public television makes a huge effort to create content that is interesting as a public service but at the same time it has to do entertainment projects like the ones I present. I think that TVE must inform, but also have its share of entertainment because in the end television must also accompany. In the end we are slaves of the audiences, but we have to think that in public television the quality of the product should prevail and that it is a public service regardless of the number of people who see you or not.

-Who would you like to interview on the set of ‘Better with you’?

-I would love for great international actors to come. There are fantastic writers in Spain that I would like to meet and musical groups or singers that I would like to interview. Julio Iglesias, Raphael. Or an Imanol Arias, José Sacristán or Concha Velasco. Anyone who wants to come to the set to have a good time is always welcome.

-He was a reporter for ‘Save me’ for seven years. What was it like working in this space?

-It was a fantastic time, I have a great memory. Everything I know about television I owe to ‘Save me’. I learned to get in front of a camera, to edit a video. To communicate. All that ‘Save me’ and its great professionals taught me was that: to be a TV journalist who might not consider me to be. Very proud of that stage and of having passed through a flagship that is a leader 12 years later.


-Now ‘Save me’ is suffering with the audiences.

-I have very clear that killing ‘Save me’ is an absurd mistake. It still has a reel, because it is still a novel, groundbreaking program that will surely turn its contents and structure. They are always on the alert and have never been accommodated. They are ambitious and risky. If you have that mindset, you have the ability to change and reinvent yourself. ‘Save me’ remains for a while.

-He was playing basketball when journalism crossed his path.

-I have always played basketball. When I left San Sebastián for Salamanca, CB Zamora signed my brothers and me. At that point I started to play more professionally. While playing basketball, studying journalism, and working in a bar at night. He did many things. Basketball has been very important in my life. I played until I was 30 years old and I retired.

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