Everyone hates Chris back? Tyler James Williams optimistic: “It's already under discussion”

Everyone hates Chris back? Tyler James Williams optimistic: “It's already under discussion”

Everyone hates Chris back? Tyler James Williams optimistic:

Everybody Hates Chris: Is The Series Returning Soon? Tyler James Williams Responds More than 10 years after his last episode aired in the US, Everybody Hates Chris continues to fascinate audiences. So, at a time when reboots are rife on our screens, does the series have a chance to come back? Actor Tyler James Williams opened up on the subject.

This year, How I Met Your Mother is not the only cult comedy on the small screen to celebrate its 15th anniversary. On September 22, 2005, on the UPN channel (which no longer exists today) in the USA, the excellent series Everyone Hates Chris was born. Created by Ali LeRoi, vaguely inspired by the childhood of Chris Rock and carried by an incredible cast of Tyler James Williams ( The Walking Dead ), Terry Crews ( Brooklyn 99 ), Tichina Arnold ( The Neighborhood ), Tequan Richmond ( Boomerang ) and Imani Hakim ( Mythic Quest ), Everybody Hates Chris gave us over 4 seasons the crazy and memorable adventures of a family unlike any other in the 80s.

A possible reboot, but complicated

The family comedy may not have lasted as long as other series of the genre ( Malcolm, The Middle, My Family First …), but it nevertheless managed to be remembered and continues to this day. 'hui to fascinate the American public, in particular thanks to its increasingly topical words, through its numerous reruns.

Also, on the occasion of the celebration of the anniversary of Everyone Hates Chris , Tyler James Williams – the interpreter of the young hero, spoke about the possibility of a return of the series. To the question, ” Will there be a reboot one day? “, The actor opened the door to this idea, before all the same to point out a very special problem, ” It has already been discussed for some time, but the slight hitch – which is actually a blessing, is that everyone is very busy right now. Each of the actors work on a regular basis in a variety of mediums, genres, channels …

In other words, a return of fiction to our screens is not yet won, but he did promise, ” We're going to keep trying to bring the series back, but I'm really proud of this agenda issue. “.

An anecdote that changes everything

For the record, Tyler James Williams also revealed an info that should break a myth in the eyes of many fans: ” The series has never been filmed in New York “. If he says he was a basic New Yorker ” I was still living there at the time of filming, ” the whole comedy was “finally” shot in the Paramount studios in Los Angeles . ” The interpreter of Chris made it clear, ” That's why you can see the outside of the house in many other series or clips “.

Yes, we won't see everyone hate Chris the same way today …

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