Every Ukrainian is proud of his citizenship, – poll

Every Ukrainian is proud of his citizenship, – poll

Every Ukrainian is proud of his citizenship - poll

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More than 90% of Ukrainians are proud of their citizenship. Of these, “very proud” 54.5%, “rather proud than not” – 36%.

According to a poll conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, and the Razumkov Center among 2024 respondents in all regions of Ukraine, except for the occupied territories and territories where hostilities are taking place, 90% – this is the highest figure for the entire period of sociological monitoring.

High rates are also recorded in relation to the basic identification of people as citizens of Ukraine. Thus, 72%of respondents identify themselves as citizens of Ukraine, 12% – as residents of the village, district or city where they live, and 6% – as residents of the region.

37% of respondents believe that during the years of existence of independent Ukraine there were more positive than negative. 40.5% say that there were approximately equal numbers of positive and negative, and 15% that there was more negative. Despite the war, the share of positive ratings is the highest during the observation period. Younger respondents tend to be more optimistic in their assessments of Ukrainian history.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich