Evening missile attack on the Odessa region: the invaders aimed at civilian objects

Evening missile attack on Odessa region: occupiers aimed at civilian objects

Illustrative photo from open sources

Another missile attack on Odessa region was carried out by Russian Nazis on the evening of July 11.

This was announced by the head of the Odessa Military Administration Maxim Marchenko.

Fortunately, there are no casualties as a result of strikes in the Odessa region. Rescuers work at the places where the missiles hit.

"The Russian monsters were aiming precisely at civilian objects. There there there and close        the head of the OVA noted     ;the enemy inflicted two rocket strikes on Odessa region using aircraft.

Four X-31 missiles were fired from Su-30s, one hit the house on the coast. There was no fire. There were no casualties.

There was also a hit on a port infrastructure facility.

Three more X-31 missiles were directed at agricultural lands in the region. Also without subsequent ignition. There were no casualties.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga