Evaluation of the first half of the LIDOM tournament

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  • Evaluation of the first half of the LIDOM tournament

    The Águilas Cibaeñas have quickly reached 20 victories in the second leg regular.

The Lidom 2022-23 tournament concluded  its first half of the regular season, enough element to evaluate the championship.

The Águilas Cibaeñas  (20-7) have strutted the league stage. With half a season pending, the Cibaeños do not need more than five wins to comfortably advance to the Round Robin, unlike last year when they had to play a play-off with the Leones.

Licey (17-6) is also in the game. en vía  to move forward smoothly  to the postseason.  Together with the Águilas they have formed a patriotic front, if the term is worth it with the dislike they have for each other, at the top of standing and in statistics. The Tigers lead in batting average (.250), ERA (1.88), runs scored (125). The Eaglets have only made 20 errors, and are in first place thanks to an 11-game winning streak.

The Giants team occupies the third  plaza (12-13), a decent record for a team that has put top-class offensive material on the field. Despite a bump, they lost  8 out of 11, they have maintained third place in the tournament. The national champions must do the errands to improve their pitching (3.60), above all  the relief, which terrifies their fans and coaches after the fifth inning.

Las Estrellas (10-15) and Los Toros (9-16), with more flaws than virtues, fight for fourth place. The Bulls changed managers, but their offense has gone on vacation (67 scored, .202 average). The worst thing about the Orientals is that they have lost 8 of their last 10 games.

Resembling a nasty long-playing record, Los Leones are the antithesis of the other two greats of Lidom. Firing the leader Pedro López has not caused the slightest respite in the scarlets, masters of the basement of the tournament (7-18), scoring 70 rounds in 25 games, allowing 104. To this is added that they have barely won a game on the road (1-13).

Águilas and Tigres have eaten with their queen in the first half of the tournament, Gigantes and Estrellas show signs of instability, although they maintain a certain advantage .  The Bulls, and especially the Chosen One, look for an escape route to get out of misfortune.

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