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EO BR Eurovision 2009: United Kingdom’s Jade Ewen in focus – EuroVisionary - The Times Hub

Eurovision 2009: United Kingdom’s Jade Ewen in focus – EuroVisionary

Eurovision 2009: United Kingdom’s Jade Ewen in focus – EuroVisionary

Jade Ewen and Andrew Lloyd Webber at Eurovision Tune Contest in 2009

Pretty, Disney fairytale or a Broadway musical? All these phrases have been utilized by a few of our Eurovision Fan Panel members on Jade Ewen and her UK entry ‘It’s My Time’ from Eurovision 2009.

In 2009, United Kingdom used a nationwide choice to resolve its entry for Eurovision Tune Contest in Moscow. There have been six contestants who have been week by week lower to the ultimate three. They carried out covers of well-known songs and within the ultimate, every contestant carried out their very own model of their Eurovision entry It’s My Time. So, in addition to profitable Jade Ewen’s, there are additionally renditions by Mark Evans and one by Francine and Nicola.

In Eurovision: Your Nation Wants You 2009 there have been many well-known singers within the jury, together with Lulu, Duncan James, Emma Bunton or Andrew Lloyd Webber himself. In the long run, younger and nearly unknown singer Jade Ewen gained and represented the UK in Moscow with Baron Lloyd-Webber and Diane Warren’s track It’s My Time, a classical musical theatre energy ballad. It appears like Europe loves musicals as a result of Jade completed in fifth place within the ultimate with 173 factors. That’s the greatest consequence for the UK at Eurovision since 2002 and till in the present day.

It’s My Time – opinions from followers

As a way to discover out what Eurovision followers in the present day consider this UK entry from 2009, we requested our Eurovision Fan Panel. It contains workforce members in addition to followers from everywhere in the world.

Michael O. – The singing right here is superb, however there’s simply that little one thing lacking. The lyrics are a bit repetitive, and whereas it’s an awesome entry, it simply wanted that little further to take it to perfection.

Charlotte J. – That is pretty. However truthfully, did anybody anticipate anything from Baron Andrew Lloyd Webber? I feel the staging for Jade Ewen let her considerably down, and sooner or later, she was method too near one of many violin gamers. Such issues could make a distinction while you’re up in opposition to Alexander Rybak who gave it 110% on his Fairytale. So why didn’t UK end second? Azerbaijan and Iceland had nice entries too, however I nonetheless assume they need to have completed under UK, and Turkey? Why on earth that completed 4th, I can’t clarify. In one other 12 months, It’s My Time would have gained, and in 2009, it ought to have completed second.

Aaron S. – I keep in mind It’s My Time properly, this was from the primary Eurovision pre-selections and the competition which I watched in 2009, I feel this track was a refreshing change on lots of our earlier UK entries, which we noticed earlier than and after 2009, and possibly probably the greatest since 1997, it wasn’t a winner, nevertheless it wasn’t something embarrassing both.

Eurovision 2009: United Kingdom’s Jade Ewen in focus – EuroVisionary

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Josef Š. – Jade Ewen and her musical theatre-inspired track It’s My Time by Andrew Lloyd Webber is a pure masterpiece, properly it’s written by one of the vital well-known musical theatre composers, so it’s very apparent. And as I really like this musical model, so I had it at all times excessive, high 5 at minimal. And I feel that the ultimate consequence could be very properly deserved. It’s My Time is one in all my all-time favorite Eurovision songs from the UK. I don’t want to say Jade’s flawless vocals and beautiful gown, plus Andrew Lloyd Webber on piano and a violin participant, all that summed up collectively is simply good!

Christopher D. – This was the UK’s greatest entry for fairly various years now. I used to be wanting ahead to the track after I heard that it was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. To inform the reality Jade’s efficiency didn’t impress me a lot on the ultimate night time, and I feel the fifth place was properly deserved. No profitable materials however a high ten end track for certain. Pity that we haven’t heard such good songs from the UK recently.

Alvaro S. – This track is beautiful. It has this Disney environment, similar to Yohanna’s track from Iceland on the identical 12 months which on no account is a criticism to this track. Fairly the other, it may have made the soundtrack of a movie or be a track from a Broadway musical.

Kostas C. – I’m divided about this track. From one facet I see an aesthetic track from an awesome voice and as well as an excellent stay efficiency. However, I may simply say the track is sort of boring, fundamental, and at first flat. I haven’t heard it since then, and this implies lots.

Eurovision 2009: United Kingdom’s Jade Ewen in focus – EuroVisionary

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Wouter V. – The works of Andrew Lloyd Webber are amongst my go-to music to carry my temper. Particularly The Phantom’s Overture, and Unusual Factor Mystifying from Jesus Christ Famous person. It’s My Time is nothing like all of these. After all, it isn’t, it stands by itself with out being backed by the in depth story of a musical. And but it has the identical grandeur as any of his works, the finesse of a delicate ballad whereas nonetheless that includes a hook of a refrain like apparently any Eurovision track wants. Topped with Jade Ewen’s implausible voice and a powerful efficiency, I’ll by no means perceive how this was crushed by Düm Tek Tek.

Frank S. – What can I say? For the primary time in 12 years, I used to be below the impression that the UK was within the working once more to essentially be significant on the Eurovision Tune Contest. I really like Jade and her track (properly her track….), nevertheless, what I didn’t get was the staging (a) and the truth that it appeared that Jade in some way couldn’t keep in tune (b). I miss this type of energy ballads and absolutely hope that we’ll hear some nice voices once more this 12 months!

Craig M. – Jade Ewen has an exquisite voice, and on the night time, she seemed wonderful and hit each notice BUT purely as a result of I’m not a fan of the track, it’s a track I don’t hearken to any extra. Perhaps I’m the odd one out, because the UK bought a superb consequence with Jade Ewen, so many individuals voted for it. Being completely trustworthy, I don’t just like the track in any respect.

Take pleasure in Jade Ewen’s efficiency from the 2009 Eurovision Tune Contest within the embedded video. Beneath the video, you’ll be able to learn extra about her.

Jade Ewen – a mini biography

Jade Ewen was born in 1988 in London, UK. Throughout her early profession, Jade appeared in some dance and music movies in addition to in some TV sequence. In 2005, Jade Ewen grew to become a member of a woman group Trinity Stone, however the group was disbanded in 2007. Two years later in 2009, Jade took half within the British nationwide ultimate for Eurovision 2009 which she gained.

After her enormous success at Eurovision (fifth place, which is till in the present day the very best consequence for the UK since 2002), Jade Ewen grew to become a brand new member of the favored woman group Sugababes because the alternative for Keisha Buchanan. The group made some music and launched the brand new single Freedom in September 2011, however then Sugababes started their hiatus and that was additionally the top of Jade Ewen’s period on this woman group.

Jade Ewen has appeared in a number of TV reveals, and competed in a few of them like Splash! (2013). After that, Jade grew to become extra concerned within the musical theatre as she performed in Porgy & Bess, was purported to be in Godspell as properly however needed to drop out due to her sickness. She took up a task in In The Heights, and the main function got here in 2016 when she bought the lead function of Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin on West Finish.

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Eurovision 2009: United Kingdom’s Jade Ewen in focus – EuroVisionary

Eurovision 2009: United Kingdom’s Jade Ewen in focus – EuroVisionary

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