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Europe will assess NATO's ability to protect the energy industry against the background of Russian aggression

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr11,2024

Europe will assess NATO's ability to protect energy against the backdrop of Russian aggression

The ministers of the European Union will discuss next week what role NATO can play in protecting the continent's energy infrastructure from a possible attack after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

This is reported by RBK-Ukraine with reference to Bloomberg.

Belgium wants to ask member states what contribution NATO can make in the fight against a wide range of threats, including sabotage, cyber attacks and hybrid warfare tactics. All EU members will also discuss how to finance cross-border infrastructure.

“The war against Ukraine has shown that energy was, is, and probably will be deliberately and actively used as a weapon,” the document says.

The publication points out that monitoring the energy infrastructure in the 27 member states and their seas is a difficult task, especially as the EU moves towards a more digital energy grid and allocates decentralized renewable energy sources.

The experience of the war in Ukraine

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the energy infrastructure of the EU became the object of possible sabotage, the most striking example of which was a series of explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipeline in September 2022.

Another pipeline connecting Finland and Estonia was damaged last year while Russian warships were passing through the English Channel.

“This comes amid growing concerns about the bloc's energy security,” it added. publication.

Natasha Kumar

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