Europe urges Ukrainian authorities to work more effectively on reforms

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Europe urges Ukrainian authorities to work more effectively on reforms

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The European Parliament adopted a resolution requiring the EU to “work to initiate accession negotiations and support a roadmap that outlines the next steps to ensure Ukraine's accession to the EU's single market”.

As UNN reports with reference to the European Parliament, the document outlines the expectations from the upcoming summit of political leaders of the EU and Ukraine in Kyiv on February 3.

Reaffirming their commitment to the future membership of Ukraine in the EU after the official application of the country on February 28, 2022, the MEPs emphasize that accession is a merit-based process that involves compliance with the relevant procedures, as well as the implementation of EU-related reforms and accession criteria.

They also invite the Ukrainian authorities to implement substantive reforms as soon as possible to effectively align with EU membership criteria.

The EU must step up support Ukraine

The European Parliament calls on the EU member states to increase and accelerate military assistance to Kyiv, in particular the provision of weapons, as well as substantial political, economic, infrastructural, financial and humanitarian support.

He also urges leaders at the upcoming EU-Ukraine Summit to prioritize a comprehensive recovery package for Ukraine. This package should focus on relief, reconstruction, and recovery in the short, medium, and long term. The support will support further economic growth in Ukraine after the war.

Assessing Ukraine's reconstruction needs, the resolution also reiterates the Parliament's call to use the frozen assets of the Russian Central Bank, as well as the assets of Russian oligarchs, to finance post-war reconstruction.< /p>

Stronger action needed EU against Moscow

Emphasizing the importance of EU countries continuing to demonstrate unity in the face of Russian aggression, MEPs call on member states to adopt the tenth package of sanctions against Moscow as quickly as possible and constantly and proactively propose new sectors and persons for targets.

Parliament also calls for the imposition of sanctions on companies such as“Lukoil” and “Rosatom”, which still present in the EU market. Officials involved in a wide range of illegal actions, including forced deportations and holding fake referendums on the occupied Ukrainian territory, should also be sanctioned.

The resolution finally repeats the calls of MEPs for  immediate and  complete embargo on imports of fossil fuels and uranium from Russia from Russia, and to to complete abandonment of the Nord Stream 1 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

Text adopted by 489 votes in favor ;, 36 “against” and 49 abstained.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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