Europe Business Assembly Is For Corporate Social Responsibility In Action

When it comes to businesses and their impact on the community, one can quite easily differentiate whether a company does contribute to common well-being and prosperity or flouts the law associated with CSR.

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, presume that a company or organization can be involved in socially beneficial activities either from ethical or strategic reasons. In this article, we would like to consider how members and partners of the Europe Business Assembly, as a global community of corporate national leaders from 35+ world countries treat CSR in their daily business activities.

Europe Business Assembly as the organization in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of UN focuses on CSR, business ethics and practical moves towards reaching global sustainability goals. To provide its educational and promotional role EBA regularly hosts conferences and public hearings related to CSR in order to inform and emphasize the importance of social responsibility endeavor in the modern society development.

The nearest event is going to be on 22 February in Geneva, Switzerland. This will be Public Hearing ‘Practical Implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Focus: Business Ethics. CSR and Work of Anti-Fake News Agency Oxford’.

The conference format suggests a practical dialog and experience sharing between national companies, leading higher education and healthcare institutions against the United Nations background. The main stress will be related to the positive PR effect and reduction of business and legal risks associated with the CSR acceptance.

The bigger and worthy influence on the environmental, and human-related aspects of life

As well as implementing other sustainable development goals through practical cases will be the scope of discussion in the upcoming public hearings.

Europe Business Assembly invites all the interested parties to attend the event and become a positive change for the whole world.






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