Euphoria season 2: everything we already know about the rest of the series with Zendaya

Euphoria season 2: everything we already know about the rest of the series with Zendaya

Euphoria season 2: everything we already know about the rest of the series with Zendaya

Euphoria season 2: everything we already know about the rest of the Zendaya series is going down in history! This Sunday, September 20, 2020, she became the youngest actress to win an Emmy Award for best actress in a dramatic series, as well as the second black actress to win this trophy after Viola Davis. A victory which is not a surprise for all those who saw his performance in Euphoria, whose season 1 was broadcast in the summer of 2019 on HBO, and in France on OCS. Rest assured, a season 2 is well in preparation. Here is everything we already know about the sequel.

We couldn't believe it and yet … Nominated opposite Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Colman, Laura Liney, Sandra Oh and 2019 winner Jodie Comer, Zendaya won the award for best actress in a drama series for Euphoria at the 2020 Emmy Awards. A deserved victory for the 24-year-old star, revealed in Shake it Up on the Disney Channel. In the HBO series, she plays Rue, a young teenage girl addicted to drugs. Season 1 was applauded by critics and audiences alike.

What release date for season 2 of Euphoria?

This is the big question that remains unanswered: when will season 2 of Euphoria be released on HBO (and in France on OCS)? Originally, the episodes were to be available in 2020 but that was before the coronavirus pandemic made its appearance. For the moment, the American cable channel has not given details about the return of the show where we also find Jacob Elordi, Hunter Schafer or Eric Dane. Fingers crossed for 2021.

Impacted by the coronavirus

Like many shows around the world, Euphoria has been impacted by covid-19. Production had just started and filming was about to begin when the virus spread to the United States and forced the sets to close. At the end of August, Zendaya confided that the teams were ready to turn when the pandemic struck. ” We had read the scripts and the fittings and other things when it happened and we had to stop, literally two days before the first day of shooting ” had entrusted the actress, soon to the cast of the film Dune . Filming has still not resumed for the moment.

A special episode to keep the fans waiting?

Since the new episodes won't arrive right away, it's possible that Euphoria will make us wait … with a special episode. ! This is what Zendaya had teased in an interview given on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! hosted that evening by Ben Platt. “ Maybe we'll do a little transitional episode. I'm not sure how to describe it but, it would be an episode we could do with fewer people, in a safe environment to give something to people and give to everyone. those who like the series a little something to make us wait before season 2 “had entrusted the star. We don't have more details at the moment.

An intrigue kept secret

For now, we do not know what will happen in the rest of the series. But one thing is certain: Rue will always be present. Remember, at the end of Season 1, Rue was hallucinating which suggested she had overdosed and may be dead. The creator, Sam Levinson, has confirmed the return of Zendaya so don't panic on that side! For the rest, we will have to wait a while!

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