EU prepares new package of anti-Russian sanctions – Politico

EU prepares new package of anti-Russian sanctions – Politico

The European Union is preparing a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, – Politico

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The European Commission will begin consultations with representatives of EU countries over the upcoming package of sanctions within a few days, reports Politico.

"Diplomats are waiting to discuss a plan to limit prices for Russian oil, which is now being discussed in the G7, the message says.

The US is now pressuring the EU to make progress on capping oil prices before the ban comes into effect in December EU on Russian oil imports.

According to EU diplomats, consultations will begin within a few days. Potential restrictions that could be considered include additional lists of individuals, a ban on the import of Russian diamonds and other items luxury.

"The European Commission is now preparing new events and will discuss the proposals with the EU ambassadors on Friday,", the diplomats said.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga