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Estonia will build hundreds of bunkers on the border with Russia

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

Estonia will build hundreds of bunkers on the border with the Russian Federation

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Estonia will begin a campaign to build a defensive line on the border with Russia in 2025. During the implementation of the project, for which 60 million euros will be allocated, 600 bunkers will be installed.

This was reported in the infrastructure department of the Estonian State Defense Investment Center, writes The Moscow Times.

They noted that in general it is planned to produce three prototypes, and testing will begin in early autumn. After testing, the authorities will select one and issue a tender for the construction of bunkers for the entire defense line based on this standard.

It is known that the experience of the war in Ukraine was taken into account when formulating the requirements for the protective structure. The bunker should accommodate up to ten soldiers with equipment and have space for a kitchen. Concrete was chosen as the main material, because such bunkers are more reliable and cheaper to produce. The contractor company said that the samples differ, in particular, in terms of production time and cost, transportation methods, and installation speed.

It is expected that 155-mm ammunition will be tested on the structures. The bunkers will be dug into the ground and covered with a layer of soil. They will be installed both on state land and, if necessary, will also agree with private owners. The construction will cost 60 million euros.

In addition, they plan to install anti-tank barriers, as well as a barbed wire fence.

Intentions to build a defensive line were reported in the winter of 2024. It will be implemented as part of the general “Baltic defense line” on the state border with the Russian Federation and Belarus in case of a threat of attack.

At the request of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, the European Union will finance the corresponding project, providing 2.5 billion euros.

Russia has intensified destabilization operations in the Baltic Sea region, some believe that Russia is opening a second front in a hybrid war with the EU.

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