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Estonia proposes to recognize the Russian Orthodox Church as a terrorist organization

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr13,2024

Estonia proposes recognizing the Russian Orthodox Church as a terrorist organization

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Estonia, Lauri Leanemets, intends to propose to the country's parliament, the Riigikogu, to recognize the Moscow Patriarchate as a terrorist organization.

He stated this on the air of the First Studio program on the ETV channel, writes

It is noted that a representative of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate said on April 9 that the religious structure of the EOC MP is not subordinate to the Moscow Patriarchate and cannot be responsible for the ROC’s support for the war in Ukraine.

Thus, it is noted that the EOC MP rejected the demand of the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs to withdraw from the subordination of the Russian church, which is headed by Patriarch Kirill.

According to Lauri Läenemets, based on the examination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the assessment of the Security Police, he has As the Minister of Internal Affairs, there is no other choice but to take measures himself to sever ties between the EOC MP and the Moscow Patriarch.

— We must understand that today the Moscow Patriarchate is subordinate to Vladimir Putin, who, in fact, leads terrorist activities in the world— he added.

According to Läenemets, during his two years as head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he called representatives of the EPC MP four times on security issues. However, the statement adopted by the Council of the Russian Orthodox Church in April took the security situation to a new level.

— If we draw a parallel with Islamic terrorists who say that they are waging a holy war against the Western world, against the values ​​of the Western world, then today the Patriarch and the Moscow Patriarchate are no different from Islamic terrorists— he said.

The head of the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized that if Patriarch Kirill is the head of the church in Moscow, no matter what the parishes in Estonia say, this message from Kirill is “very powerful and strong, and it will definitely reach the people.” ;. He added that this is something that certain people rely on, because in crisis situations, churches are trusted more than the authorities.

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Natasha Kumar

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