Estonia from the 18th sickle to encircle the migrants of Russia to the edge

Estonia from the 18th sickle to encircle the migrants of Russia to the edge

> The order of Estonia, having confirmed the sanction, which between the people of Russia and the fencing in the distance to Estonia, the people of Russia, may be able to see Estonia, and make us see the republic for the sake of culture, sports, business.

“It means that I am a huge citizen of Russia, that Estonia has seen a Schengen visa and a method of foreseeing tourism, business, sports and culture, if you arrive at the border crossings of Narva, Luhamaa or Koidula, then from coming Thursday you will no longer be able to&# 8217;hat to Estonia”, –

Specifying the order , that the citizens of Russia, as if they had seen a visa to another country-participant of the Schengen area, or else they are already staying at the Schengen zone, they can go to Estonia. Legality in’jzdu to the country or їїdzhdnіnіy vіryaє і іїїї їїї їїї їїї їїї їїї їїїї їїї їїї їїї їїї їїї їїї їїїїї ’’`Ї I can reniterate the deprivation of ti rosіyskі Burdyani, yaki prowan for vidvіdovannya Gromyadinan, Yaki resident in the econiton, a nearby relative, a living in the skeleton of the provida for the living, daughters, sina, mother, sino, sin SIMEY, SPIVROTYVIV MITENONONY TORGIVLI TO PROTSIVNIVKIV, JAKI Take a pasadzhiri transportation, ShO prazyut in the esonitoni, Osіb, Yaki can go to the PIDSTAVI Rights, who is the EXTERNITY of the VIDISTION OF THE HOME /p>

In addition, the sanction imposed on Russian students on March 30, 2022 has been changed.

Students from Russia, if you did not reach the end of the study at the established term, you can, as a vinnyak, apply for the continuation of a certificate of residence for one river, so that they could finish the study here. For whom it is necessary to submit an application for the extension of a permit for residence to the Department of Police and Correspondence Protection.