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ESPL hear about the atrocities of Russians in Donbass

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

ESPL we are hearing about the atrocities of the Russians in Donbass

In the European court, people's rights were fought fall asleep rumor from the interstate authorities “Ukraine and the Netherlands against the Russian Federation” This is a violation of people's rights in the occupied territories of Donbass.

Having informed the Office of the President of Ukraine, the government of Ukraine understands that the USPL recognizes the violation of people's rights on the side of Russia and will move to the stage of just satisfaction tsii.

It seems likely that this court is considering the collective scum of Ukraine and the Netherlands against the Russian Federation because, after the occupation of Donbas in 2014, the country systematically violated people’s rights in these territories, and did not investigate the violations there enny, and as the occupying power is obliged to bear responsibility for the on this territory.

Reassured by the right of the ESPL, Margarita Sokorenko reported on Facebook that Kiev has presented its position on the essence of interstate justice to Donbas, starting from 2014, and also on a full scale no invasion.

Order of the Kingdom of the Netherlands presenting the position of the complete downing of the Russian flight MH17, including the representation of a representative of the Foundation Air Disaster MH17, who represented the relatives of the deceased.

The authorities of Britain and Poland also presented their position, and the other position All other third parties were represented by Norway. Their food was subject to extraterritorial jurisdiction, as well as the relationship of international humanitarian law and the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Russian representatives did not appear at the hearings .

Her intercessor Kerivnik to the Office of the President of Ukraine Irina Mudra noted that the aggressive and barbaric behavior of the Russian Federation violates all the basic principles of international law.

"The order of Ukraine has demonstrated with evidence under the hour of progress among these international powers no right”, – will be held in high regard by the Office of the President.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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